Keep your standards high as the temperature drops: Six dating tips to follow this cuffing season

Even if snow settles this year, you will not be

With Christmas looming around the corner, cuffing season is officially upon us and it’s difficult not to take desperate measures in desperate times. 

Hot girl summer is over and I know you’re starting to rationalise that they aren’t that bad or stepping into the dangerous “but i know I can change them” territory. Even if you’re not like other girls, it’s not looking hopeful. 

Prevent explaining to your friends that they look better in real life and never get the ick again by using these tips to help keep your standards up and secure your 10/10 date to Winter wonderland. 

1. Don’t go colour blind

It’s time to ditch the navy sheets and flat pillows. Here are some red flags to look for early on.

If they suggest Spoons for a date, immediate no. You deserve to be wined and dined and there are so many amazing places for drinks or food in Bristol. A pitcher is also way too dangerous if the conversation suddenly dies and you’re left with half a blue lagoon and radio silence. 

A bad sense of humour is one of the biggest downfalls when dating. If the person you’re interested in can’t make you laugh or doesn’t turn your embarrassing moments into jokes, think about what else they probably can’t make you do… 

They have a psychotic ex or even worse, a girl best friend . Oh his mum thinks you guys will get married? And you’ve only kissed like twice but he’s like your brother? Adorable. 

2. Meet their friends sooner rather than later 

Friends can say a lot about a person and there’s two ways you can look at this one. 

Firstly, quickly check you’ve got the fit friend. After that you also need to make sure that you haven’t already got with one or multiple of their best friends.

And secondly, if you don’t get on with the group or your own housemates make a face every time you bring them back, they probably aren’t the one for you. Cancel the date and save the number as a booty call. 

3.Tick tock it’s time to clock their replying speed 

We’ve probably all waited for replies a lot longer than I’ll ever be spending in Wills Memorial library, even in exam season. 

So if you are left on delivered for longer than the conversation itself, take it as a no and move onto the next. Life is too short to play games through snapchat. 

4. Expand your horizons

Meeting new people can be hard, so it’s time to either redownload Hinge or start exploring more of the university’s societies. Whether it’s sport, music or even something really weird, it is a way to meet more potential candidates.

Additionally you’ll already have something something in common which means you have your first talking point and won’t have to ask them if they have any pets or siblings. 

5. Know your worth

Are they fun? Or are you fun and they’re just there? 

Make sure to be honest with yourself and evaluate if you believe the best bits of the time you spent with someone was actually all down to you.

This tactic is also brilliant for believing you’re out of their league in many ways that aren’t just looks, so delete the private story you made just for them and back yourself. 

6. Date yourself first 

Ensuring you’re happy with your own company will prevent you settling for mediocre time spent with someone else.

I know you’ve seen the cringy TikToks and watched those tarot card readings in hope your person will walk into your life tomorrow, but at the end of the day dating yourself can be really fun.

Take yourself on a walk through Clifton or a day out in Cabot and be as cringe as you possibly can. Get yourself a coffee from your favourite place and indulge in some retail therapy . Or just go absolutely feral on a night out, thats a form of self care right?

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