The task of hosting can be daunting so follow this essential guide to throwing the perfect house party

Why not cement yourself as a permanent legend and throw the house party everyone will be talking about for weeks?

If you’re sick of being stone cold sober in a club because you don’t want to spend half your student loan on one drink which they inevitably get wrong, then throw your own party and drink cheap tinnies all night long.

Everyone loves being a guest, but the task of hosting can be daunting. No one wants to lose their deposit over a scuffed carpet or have their best stolen pint glass get smashed.

Maybe you’re just a BNOC with too many mates, or you have a fat house and no neighbours but regardless you’re now faced with the task of planning an epic house party and don’t know where to start. Luckily the great minds at The Bristol Tab have come together to put all your worries to bed.

1. The playlist


Arguably the most essential feature of the night, having the perfect playlist cannot be underestimated. Maybe you’ve got a super cool mate who will DJ all night long but if you don’t, fear not, because you can still set the vibes with your magic music mix. Finding the ideal mix of DnB, house, and classic bangers may seem overwhelming but with a bit of research, you can create exactly the atmosphere you want.

Top advice: when that random course-mate you invited on a whim starts saying “please let me queue a song, my music is so good,” tell them where they can stick it and trust in the playlist.

2. The guest-list


Don’t be naïve about it, it’s a room full of the drunkest, sexiest students you know, and lust is in the air. It’s your party and if anyone is pulling a fitty it better be you. Make sure you invite that crush of yours you’ve never had the guts to approach, this is the perfect chance with your room just upstairs.

Also, I recommend inviting your top wildcard mate just to add a little bit of chaos to the energy. At least your party won’t be boring.

3. The theme

Getting the right theme can make or break a party and it’s a fine tightrope to walk.

Don’t be unoriginal like “pimps and hoes” or “the first letter of your name”. But also, you can’t be too vague; “fancy dress” lacks guidance, and you’ll end up with a whole load of fairies and devils and whatever else is trendy this year. Maybe you want to keep it simple with “silly hats” or “cool glasses” but the best is something that gets people excited.

You want people spending all week trying to figure out how to dress as their type or trying to remember what they wanted to be when they grew up. If you get this right, you’ll be the star of 100 Instagram feeds the next day.

4. Set a start time

What’s that? You thought you were the first person to ever be fashionably late? I hate to break it to you but everyone and their mum have been showing up late to parties since the dark ages.

So please don’t cry when 10 pm rolls around and you’re still sitting alone sipping warm beer; your mates don’t hate you and they will turn up. They’re probably playing some weird card game buzzing to get over to yours.

5. The pres

Speaking of the pre-party boozing, what you do at yours can set the entire tone for the night. You don’t want to be sitting nervously twiddling your thumbs waiting for people to turn up. Invite your mates round and get going.

It has the added benefit of making sure it’s not dead when the first partiers arrive and ensures you are suitably tipsy. Also, it’s your fucking party so look after yourself and have a good time.

6. The bathroom

Is there anything more iconic than the bathroom at a house party? From plastered selfies that will be plastered on social media to the ideal spot to kiss your crush. Where better place to do those cheeky bumps without 1000 people asking to join?

It is your job as the host to have quarantine levels of loo roll stock-piled in there, and also be mentally prepared to clear up at least 1 person’s chun the next day (probably that strange course-mate from earlier…)

7. A few thousand £££

We all know someone at this point who has received a hefty fine from the council for a noise complaint by their grumpy neighbours but to be fair if students had been interrupting your quiet evenings for years without even an invite you’d be pretty upset too.

Maybe go chuck that neighbour of yours an invitation to join you. Who knows, it’s always possible they’ll say yes and bust a move or two with you.

8. Birthday bonus special: A CAKE

Nothing gets a group of drunk people to unite and celebrate you like cake. Treat your inner child and get yourself a birthday cake and everyone will be singing happy birthday in no time.

At this point it’s likely you’re wasted and it is the perfect time to throw yourself on the dancefloor and show the crowd your moves (warning: will induce serious hangxiety when you see the videos)

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