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13 of the best party themes for Bristol students and societies

Impress the new freshers joining your society or your old friends by using an out of the ordinary dress code

It is officially autumn which means for the next few months a day won’t pass without it being someone’s birthday. Lots of parties are on the horizon and what better way to make your birthday stand out than by giving it a theme. 

We’ve all seen an “anything but clothes” party and participated in a “dress up as something that begins with the first letter of your name” event. 

I never want to go to another 80s party or see another gender bender photo shoot, so I have created a list of the most original and fun ideas for your next themed party. 

1. At The Races

Secure the most hideous hat you can find from a charity shop, a garishly coloured dress, an item of tweed and you’re ready to go to The Races. You could even dress up as one of the racing animals to indulge in some horse medicine. 

2. The chess board

best party themes

Think kings, queens, horses and bishops, the options are endless. This is also perfect if your guests are throwing something together last minute because everyone has some white or black in their wardrobe and can come as the board. 

3. Fruits and veg 

Get a bit fruity and let people know ur ready for a good time by dressing as an egg plant. 

4. Under the sea

best party themes

Go to fishes as a goldfish or take sharking to a new level and stick a fin to your head. 

Seeing your friend wearing goggles and a swim cap plastered to their head after a few drinks is going to make it a good night and put this on the list as one of the best party themes. 

5. Get out of my swamp  

best party themes

If you choose this as your theme you wont need to worry about making a playlist because the Shrek soundtrack is overflowing with musical genius. “Holding Out For A Hero” and “Funky Town” should be at the centre of any good playlist. 

6. Murder Mystery 

Create your own “who done it?” and give everyone a character for them to play for the night. Guests can interact with each other and attempt to solve the mystery while becoming progressively more pissed.

7. Choose a colour 

I can already hear the “well one of us is going to have to change” jokes filling the room. This one is simple for the guests and easily the most aesthetic theme possible.

The photos from this night will look brilliant and there’s nothing quite as cute as everyone at the party being matching, especially if it is your favourite colour.

8. Everyone wear a hat

best party themes

Sure you could be boring and wear a bucket hat like every other Hiatt Baker DJ or you could whip out an Australian cork hat, a witches hat or a top hat to bring distinguished gentleman vibes to the party.

If the hat is removed for any reason you have to take a shot.

9. Fake bridal party 

This theme would work especially well at a restaurant or cocktail bar, any place where you can convince people that it is a real bridal party. 

Become the role of the bitchy mother in law or the boosy bride for an evening and get a sneak peak into the future.

10. Bristol related character 

best party themes

It would be a challenge to come as the faceless Banksy but think Wallace and Gromit, any of Bristol Uni’s alumni, the Colston Four or a can of cider.

This is one of the best party themes for getting to know the city of Bristol. Through your friends costumes you could discover celebrities, fictional characters and snippets of history.

11. Pensioners 

Fast forward 50 years or so and get dressed up in your best woollen cardigan and button up blouse. Pull out your glasses chain, some khaki trousers and a National Trust fleece smelling of moth balls. 

Bonus points if you’re using a stick to walk with all night but then throw down some technical dance moves. 

12. Neon 

This might not be the most original but if you have a UV light and some white T-shirts to paint on, it is definitely the prettiest on the list of best party themes. 

13. Your biggest fear 

Spooky season is upon us and it is never too early to get in the Halloween spirit by throwing a horror themed night. Catch a glimpse into your friends souls by learning what they fear the most whether that’s Severus Snape or spiders. 

The 31st falls on a Monday this year so I’ll see you all in Gravity for BED Mondays.

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