Plan your ideal Freshers’ Week and we’ll tell you what Bristol Uni halls you should be in

The netball girlies belong in Wills, it’s what God intended

Picture the scene: it’s your first day of university. You’ve hauled half of Ikea and Dunelm Mill in the back of your parents’ car. Then you walk full of hope and joy to what you expect to be the very best year of your life. And the thing that can make or break this is your halls of residence.

Before coming to Bristol, people will tell you all sorts about what life is like in each accommodation. A lot of it is outrageous stereotyping but some are based on truth.

Another huge part of your university experience is Freshers’ Week. A week filled with awkward pres and holding someone’s hair back even though you met them literally that day. So this is the ultimate uni personality test. Tell us how you would spend Freshers’ Week and we’ll tell you what halls you should really be in.

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