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I went to a rave on the day of the Queen’s funeral and asked Bristol students why they were there

‘I love the Queen! I love her loads!’

We went to the Motion rave that overlapped with the day of the Queen’s funeral and asked the people of Bristol how they felt about Elizabeth’s death.

Many events were cancelled and venues closed their doors on Monday 19th of September as a sign of respect. Before the event went ahead Motion released a statement saying they “were not in the position to keep the venue shut” due to increasing power costs and previous cancelled club nights.

They also expressed their sadness towards the situation and wished “the new King all the best in his new role”. Despite any controversy Motion was still full of students who were keen to tell us their thoughts.

motion rave

After pre drinking, and most importantly taking part in the one-minute silence at 8pm (which the club announced they would be holding in honour of the Queen) while getting ready, we felt in high spirits and ready to go and pay our respects.

While sat in the Uber we couldn’t help but think about how dreadfully hungover we were going to feel while watching the funeral at 11am the next day. A funeral isn’t really what you need to cure hangxiety.

We started by asking a group of people in the queue whether they, like us, were going to tune in bright and early the next morning.

“Fuck no! We’re out partying for Liz instead”

So true. It’s what she would have wanted. I heard Prince Louis also threw a party while left to his own devices at Buckingham Palace on Monday morning.

Another group, when asked why they were out the night of her funeral said,

“We’re not actually out on the day! We’re going home at midnight!”

It was gone 11pm at this point and they hadn’t even made it to the front of the queue. Likely story guys.


Motion rave

Walking into Motion we noticed that the mournful atmosphere we expected seemed to be slightly over shadowed by the large quantities of people running around skanking to foghorns, the Queen would have been proud of.

“I wanna get fucked up. It’s sad but the world goes on”

“The Queen wouldn’t want anyone to be sad”

“Oh fuck her innit she’s gone now at least we get a bank holiday”

Although many people were just happy to be out on a Sunday, a lot of the people we spoke to said they were upset when we asked them how they felt.

“Actually, a little bit sad”

“a little bit sad but I didn’t ever meet her so…”

“I was on a cruise in the Caribbean when I found out and everyone on board was heart-broken”

The average age of a cruise passenger is probably about 74 so I’m not really shocked the death of a monarch left them crying in the middle of Barbados. Definitely hit closer to home for them than the students of Bristol. They wont even be able to hit up the raves to party away their sorrows.

Despite not running in to any pensioners we did feel a lot of love for the Queen from many rave-goers.

“I love her she’s a very nice woman”

“I love the Queen! I love her loads!”

“She was a lovely little old lady at the end of the day”

Although we left Motion without getting to hear a highly anticipated drum and bass remix of God Save The Queen, we’d had a lot of interesting conversations with the gorgeous people of Bristol. Motion was truly the place to be the night before the funeral even if it meant we did watch the procession in last nights makeup reeking of vodka.

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