11 essential items you need to bring with you to Bristol University

Ditch the toaster and bring more than one pillow

Congratulations! You made it through results day and have been given a place at The University of Bristol. 

In a week or two you will be arriving and it is time to get excited about meeting hundreds of amazing people, starting your course, and moving to a vibrant city. 

Surveying your childhood bedroom and wondering how to pack your whole life into a few boxes can be a daunting process. 

I have just moved into my third year house and have finally realised what you actually need in your room at university. Hint, toastie maker does not make the list.

I have compiled all the essential items here, for freshers and returning students, to make packing up a little bit easier.

1. Extension cords

Your room will have 2 plug sockets and they will be in the most awkward places you can imagine. So, if you’d like to charge your phone in the vicinity of your bed, bring an extension cord. 

2. Mattress topper 

Essential items


The mattresses in uni halls have been through some wear and tear. 

One cant help think about the hundreds of students who have slept in their bed before them and what activities might have taken place in it. A mattress topper is an excellent start to bring you some extra comfort in your new bed. 

3. Lemsip

A collection of pharmaceuticals is essential to get you through freshers and also first year. You will go out every day and you will get sick.

4. An item of fancy dress 

Essential items


Nick something from your childhood fancy dress box and then you are sorted for the inevitable dress up freshers event and Halloween.

5. A bottle opener

As a student you may end up drinking a bit of alcohol so it is important not to forget to bring the basics.

If you carry it around on your keys, during freshers week and for the duration of your whole degree, this useful tool is bound to make you lots if friends.

6. Clothes horse

Essential items


I can not stress this one enough because circuit laundry is the worst part about being a fresher. You already have to pay every time you do a wash so don’t add another few quid by putting your clothes in the dryer. The dryers also have a habit of leaving the clothes sopping wet. 

7. Slippers

Sliders, flip flops, crocs, anything. You will want there to be a layer between your feet and the bathroom floors.

If you are one of the lucky few to have an ensuite still don’t ignore this advice. You wont want to walk around your flat without some form of protection on the dogs. 

8. Coat hangers 

Essential items

You will probably only have a wardrobe, so time to learn how to hang your trousers up on a coat hanger.

9. Protection

Looking after yourself without your parents for the first time will be challenging enough without accidentally becoming a parent yourself.

Additionally, university halls are a cesspool of STDs let’s face it.

10. Door stop 

These are great for being social when you’re moving in. Prop your door open and it’s guaranteed your new flat mates will come and say hello. 

11. Decoration

It may not seem important but your room will become your home at university. Make sure to pack a plant, your favourite bed sheets or some sweet fairy lights. They will make all the difference to the bare space and bring some needed comfort.

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