We tried the best chips in Bristol and this is our official ranking

Forget about lockdown for a second, and come on this journey with us

Lockdown may have changed our nightlife almost beyond recognition, but one thing remains the same whether you are having a big night in or out: drunk chips.

This is the complete guide, tried and tested, to the best chips in Bristol after your big night. They all offer some kind of online takeaway too, so you can order during lockdown.

10. Triangle Grill – 3-4 Triangle S, Clifton, BS8 1EY

A good standard chip to start us off. Nice thickness and you get a very generous portion. The wait time is a bit long but with 10/10 interior décor, you’ve got lots of time to take in this nice photo of  a Turkish Clifton Suspension Bridge

9. Quigleys – 5 St Augustine’s Parade, BS1 4XG

Coming in here drunk, you genuinely feel like you are stepping into a space themed escape room. With all the money going into the lighting and plasma screen menu boards, you’d think your £2 chips would come with salt, vinegar or at least a sauce. What you get are some very decent plain chips but this will do nothing for your drunk salt cravings. Go for the chicken, not really the chips.

8. Fishers – 156 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2XZ

You’ve practically completed your Bronze DofE if you’ve managed to make it this far up Whiteladies and there is a good reward waiting for you when you get there. Fishers is a proper traditional fish and chip shop and while that comes with some questionable off brand ketchup, the chips are classic. Thick and crispy with a pillowy inside that still tastes like a fresh potato.

7. Diamond Kebab – 28 Park St, BS1 5JA

It’s got a bit of monopoly with no other chip shops on Park Street, but it would clean up any competition. Great hybrid chip somewhere between a McDonald’s fry and a big chunky traditional chip. Nicely fried and well salted, a real gem.

6. Rayan – 55 Baldwin St., BS1 1RA

Riverside are spoilt for choice with three takeaways next door to each other but Rayan is the one to go for. £1.50 for chips is a sensational price and that’s without the 10 per cent student discount. Very friendly service and they’ve taken stringent social distancing measures by ripping off one of their chairs. Fair play.

5. M&M Kebabs – 63 Whiteladies Rd, Redland, BS8 2LY

These were easily some of the best chips, as crunch goes I couldn’t find a chip with a better crunch in Bristol. However, I can’t promote what’s happening with the sauce. For too long, chippies have got away with just vomiting sauce on your chips and no one takes a stand. Pack it in.

4. Piri Piri – 11 Triangle S, Clifton, BS8 1EY

Chips are expensive on the Triangle and this is definitely where you should go for value for money. £2 chips and they come with peri-peri seasoning. The chips would be average on their own but the seasoning takes you to the Algarve and back without the 14 days of self-isolation.

3. Grecian – 2 Cromwell Rd, Bishopston, BS6 5AA

Grecian fills the massive McDonald’s shape hole Bristol has. Forget about ordering some luke warm McDonald’s chips on Uber Eats, Grecian gives you a better atmosphere, more chips and more salt, all for £1.80.

2. Chandos Fish Bar – Chandos Rd, Redland, BS6 6PE

Some of the best chunky chips I’ve ever had. Very crispy without being dry at all. The salt on these chips is some of the best white powder you can get in Redland, really moreish.

1. Taka Taka – 3 Queens Rd, Triangle S, BS8 1EZ

Having gone all over Bristol convinced I could find a chippy that could be better than Taka, I can tell you there isn’t. They are so far ahead of everyone else, it was offensive to even consider. I guarantee if you eat these chips and close your eyes you are taken back to every good night you had on the Triangle before lockdown. It’s like eating good vibes.

DNQ – Jason Donervan’s: Jason has not returned since lockdown and so isn’t currently on the list. Let’s hope he comes back to grace our nightlife after lockdown.

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