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SPOTTED: An Econ student has made a Gossip Girl inspired Insta

Gotta prioritise the Beveridge over beverage curve

Here at the University of Bristol, we aren't strangers to anonymous social media accounts brightening up our day-to-day student lives.

The latest comes from an Economics student, who has made a Gossip Girl inspired Instagram account.

The anonymous figure claims to be a part of the Econ Elite, Priory Road's finest, and uses the account to "explain what you don't get" about Economics through memes.

From explanations of theories and graphs to Economics inside jokes, Econ Girl covers all the basics. Scrolling through this account counts as revision, right??

However, no Gossip Girl inspired account is complete without an exposé of some kind.

There's a highlights section named 'xoxo life' containing some overheard quotes from the Priory Road Complex; just like the original Gossip Girl, nobody is safe!

The account tried to make it on Twitter too, but was shutdown after an hour.

To some, the anonymous owner isn't so anonymous, to others there are only rumours of their identity with some claiming he/she is an affluent student — how very Upper East Side like.