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Bristol students receive fake email saying they have been awarded a university grant

The email said students would receive £1,750


Bristol students have received a fake email saying they have been awarded a £1,750 grant by the University.

The email told students that the grant had been approved by the Department of Education. In order to receive the money, students were invited to click on a link to supply their details.

The email, entitled 'Student grant information', impersonates the University of Bristol email address.

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The email in question

In response, the University has sent an email asking students not to supply any details.

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The email sent out by Bristol University

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “We are aware of a phishing attack currently targeting university students.

"The email states 'The University has awarded you a grant of £1,750 following approval by the Department of Education (DoE)' and includes a link to a web page used to collect details, including bank account information.

"The site which caused the initial problem has now been marked as malicious by Google. We’ve circulated advice to students warning them to be alert to such phishing attacks. Support and advice for anyone who has received this email can be found on our IT Services web pages."

If you have received the email and have any queries, contact the finance department here.