CLICENDALES 2017: Bristol medics bare all for cancer

The biggest and hottest fundraiser of the year

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You! Yes, You! Generic Bristol student! What are you doing? Time to get in gear, rejoice, and flood the streets with celebrations.

CLICENDALES is back, and it is happening on the 11th March!

Dress rehearsals are on, the club is getting prepped, and the organisers are promising it will be the best butt-shaking show yet.

Now you may be thinking, what on earth is CLIC? Where can I get tickets, and most importantly, WILL THERE BE ANY MEDICAL STUDENTS THERE?

In short: a charity fundraiser, online (but ticket levels are running low!) and YES.

What could be more exciting?

It turns out medics have a heart of gold, and despite what Jeremy Hunt says are willing to dedicate considerable time, effort and practice, all to help those in need. CLIC is a direct fundraiser for CLIC Sargent, a charity devoted to helping young children with cancer. 100 percent of the money raised goes to all aspects of clinical care, along with emotional and practical support for families.

Last year they managed to raise a whopping £22,000, and they are on course to match or even beat that massive figure. So, as well as getting a cracking show, you can walk away with a warm fuzzy feeling inside that you have done your bit.

As an avid fan, I can guarantee that CLICENDALES will give you a night of fun and frivolity. The show takes place in the momentous O2 Academy, and with one ticket you will be treated to music, dances, and a club night after, all supported by the impressive lights and sounds of one of Bristol’s best musical venues.

In short friends, this isn’t any inbetweeners fashion show; it is by far the most prestigious charity medic fundraiser in the country!

But Tom, I hear you say, I heard CLIC was a strip show where I can see medics get their kit off (Bristol Student – 2017).

Well to that I cry, FAKE NEWS. I mean, CLIC does contain a range of increasingly provocative dances, ranging from semi-strips to full strips. But it is important to remember that CLIC is not some grossly incandescent showcase of egos, they are medics, after all, they care about people!

I can assure you, CHARITY, and helping the CHILDREN, is at the centre of the mind of every single performer on that stage… Well, that and looking good of course.

If not for charity, why else would they condemn themselves to a life of always explaining their decadent actions to employers, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, old friends, patients, teachers, godparents, journalists, or even Doris from next door?

‘I’m in CLIC you know.’

If you need an entirely platonic presentation of the capacity of the human form to raise that much money for charity, well then fair game.

Best of all CLIC is all about inclusion, everyone is invited, and everyone gets involved… well except for the people who can’t dance, or the ugly people, or the people who don’t want to strip – let’s just say a lot of people are involved, 170 to be exact, spanning over 15 dances.

Even more exciting is that the theme this year is a cracker. You’ll be taken into a world of fiction and presented with dances ranging from a Marvel to Game of Thrones, to Harry Potter.

So if you ever wanted to see a medic dressed as Voldemort awkwardly hugging his peers and stripping to ‘Let’s get it on’ well then CLIC is the place for you.

Jokes aside the cause is an awesome one, and the dancers have dedicated hours and hours of practice to creating a unique and entertaining set of specially choreographed dances which are sure to light up the room. The music will be top tier, and the club night fantastic.

In short, this is not an event to miss, a showcase of dancing talent and musical excellence.

So, if you fancy an evening of undress and unrestraint, get down to the O2 Academy on Saturday 11th March.

And if haven’t bought your ticket already, grab them here.