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‘Yeah,’ said Harry, ‘but you, unlike me, are a git’

A-Z of Freshers: Part 2

The hotly-anticipated part 2 of our A-Z of the delights of life in Bristol

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The Tab’s guide to Bristol’s best clubs


Students demand refunds after night of queuing and expensive drinks

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Bristol behind Kent, Surrey and Lancaster in Guardian University Rankings

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Students frustrated by peer-assessed units, accused of marking each other too generously

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Cat Evans tells The Tab why the lap-dancing chain shouldn’t be made welcome in Bristol

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Pro-life group Abort 67 use incredibly graphic images to protest abortion. With a Bristol demonstration imminent, Bristol Students for Life argue why Abort 67’s tactics are wrong.

Off-Road Overdraft

Meet the student who blew his entire maintenance loan on a Land Rover only fit for the scrap heap!

Ten last-minute Halloween costumes

Quick, cheap and easy Halloween costumes for those who’ve left their costumes ’til the last minute.

Shaking the ‘Oxbridge reject’ tag

Bristol is infamous for its hordes of disappointed Oxbridge rejects. Why can’t we appreciate what we’ve got?