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Richard White
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CLICENDALES 2017: Bristol medics bare all for cancer

The biggest and hottest fundraiser of the year

Why I love freshers

They really are not that bad guys

Outrage as SU David Attenborough event sells out in seconds

Students are offering to buy tickets for as much as £20

We spoke to the Pharmacology lecturer who also DJs at Lakota, Timbuk2 and Motion

He takes a mobile fly and bee lab to festivals

Bristol medical students march in protest of NHS contract

An estimated 200 people took part

The things I’ll miss the most about Bristol

Travelling doesn’t change who you are as a person

It just makes you realise what you already knew about yourself

CLIC is just another example of how medics are superhuman

The steamy strip show raised £22k for charity

We asked the UG education officer why the SU elections are important

And why he should be re-elected

Fight Night 2016: Which subject is the toughest?

Float like a butterfly, study like a bee

University study showing health benefits of Diet drinks was funded by Coke

‘Diet drinks are a great way to diet and yet enjoy treats every so often.’

Wills vs Churchill: Who is posher?

It’s a close call

Freshers: Get out of my library

You don’t need to be here

Which grime pioneer is your hall of residence?

Finally, something we can all relate to

Let’s face it, Bristol is not that wavey anymore

Everyone else has stolen our style

Bitter UWE freshers outraged by Bristol SU flyer


John Lounge you will never be forgotten

Pass around the green jug for this legend

Things people say around exam time and what they really mean

Why does nobody tell the truth this time of year?

How to avoid revision and not feel guilty

It’s not procrastination, it’s ‘revision prep’

We need to have beds in the ASS library

I’m so sleep-deprived, I wrote this article as a poem

Here are the worst types of essay feedback you will get at uni

The people marking your essays have no souls

Our union may suck but the new bar is actually pretty good

Remember that building you never go to?

‘Looking like Draco Malfoy made my life a living hell’

‘Yeah,’ said Harry, ‘but you, unlike me, are a git’

What is your subject’s spirit animal?

Because we know you were wondering

This time last year I took my Valentine to Syndicate

And she didn’t even dump me

Why are Colin Firth and Harry Styles haunting Redland?

We keep seeing Mr Darcy and the shagger from One Direction everywhere

We cooked with Custard Creams for a week, and it was actually pretty good

Apart from the sweet and sour custard creams that is

Have you seen Steve’s pigeon? Bizarre posters plastered round campus

Police are yet to comment

Which TV show is your Bristol halls of residence?

*Other local landmarks feature too

Stop telling me how easy my History degree is

You have no idea of the hell we endure

Forget student satisfaction scores, Bristol’s the best uni in the world

Read this if you got in