‘Killer clowns’ reportedly spotted in Bristol

One was arrested in Newcastle on Tuesday with a knife

People are saying they’ve seen creepy “killer clowns’” in Bristol.

The craze, which started on college campuses in the US, has spread to UK soil in the last few days.

Now one Twitter user claims he saw a clown last night in Bristol.

He elaborated: “I was driving and it was stood in the road. You know when you’re licked and your heart starts going mad? I was well shook.”

Elsewhere in the UK, a clown was spotted outside Belfast nightclub Villa last night.

There have been at least six clown sightings in Newcastle, prompting Northumbria Police to arrest one brandishing a knife.

One was also seen outside a pub in Sheffield on a mobility scooter, and another driving a white transit van through Liverpool city centre.

Now people think the trend has spread to Bristol, and they’re not happy.

More to follow.