A ‘Killer Clown’ was spotted outside Villa last night

Run for the hills

We heard about pranksters dressed in full clown costume hiding in woods and terrifying the people of America with their creepy presence,  and feared that there may be a possibility they would make a trip across the pond. As we reported yesterday a teenage boy in Newcastle, was arrested while in possession of a bladed article (does that just mean knife?) and later two clowns were spotted in Belfast.

And now it’s been confirmed that they’ve made their way to our night clubs.

Villa's newest bouncer

Spotted last night outside Villa in the centre of Belfast, a clown was seen standing by the smoking area around 4am. Whether the masked figure made any attempt at communication with Villa’s late night revellers is unclear, but as police in Newcastle and in the US have warned the public to be cautious of these pranksters, it might be worth avoiding any circus themed parties for a while.

It’s been suggested it may be a PR stunt for a remake of Stephen King’s IT appearing as the favourite in an attempt to understand this strange phenomena. Personally, I’m never leaving my house again. Though the only thing scarier than a killer clown is having to spend a night in Villa.