What do you think of the new gym?

You can cycle through virtual woods now

Over the holidays, the gym had some upgrades – especially the cardio machines. From being able to watch TV from the screens of your cardio machine to virtually running in different countries, I went to the gym myself to ask people on their thoughts about Bristol Uni’s new gym.

George, Engineering Design, second year

The new gym is definitely an improvement – but only on the cardio aspect. They’ve got lots of new cardio machines while the core and weights room stayed exactly the same. It’s good that they’ve got another weights rack but apart from that there’s not much change.

Josh, Computer Science and Electronics, third year

I like the gym. It’s really good. It’s not that different from the old gym, because it mainly just got upgrades on some of the equipment…nothing new. But it’s really good.

Louis, Computer Science, second year

It’s kind of the same as before because I only use the weights and not the cardio section. All the weights are pretty much the same.

Izzy and George, Biology, first year

Izzy: I really like the new gym – especially the cardio machines that are kind of like the separate ones. I haven’t been actually using the big weights room yet so I don’t know any of the new equipment there. The machines in the room right next to the cardio room are quite good – although the machines there aren’t that different compared to before. Normally I’m in the room with all the yoga mats and that doesn’t seem to be that much different either. But the cardio machines are quite good.

George: I’ve used the gym twice this year – once before the update and once (which was yesterday) after the update. It’s quite cool how on the cycling machines you can virtually go through the woods and stuff – so that was quite a refreshing experience.

Tamar, Economics, second year

I think it’s really cool. I really like the steps machines which are really good. I haven’t been to the downstairs bit as I only use the upstairs bit but overall I think it’s really good.

Lowri, English, Masters

It’s pretty good – it gets pretty busy. The mat room in particular gets quite crowded during peak times. Its got quite a lot of equipment which is good. I quite like the new gym.