Pancake Day: The best and worst creations by UoB students

Some sweet, some savoury, some absolutely disgusting

We all love Pancake Day and what better way to celebrate than by showing you the results of Birmingham’s best and worst tossers (of pancakes, obviously).

There’s plenty of opportunity to try new things, and with TikTok providing plenty of topping choices, there’s no room for the classics this year.

Students of UoB you really do surprise me. Despite only requiring a few ingredients, making pancakes is an entirely different story for you and some of these creations certainly prove a lot can go wrong.

A classic combo… 4/10

While the shape of this pancake is a cause for concern, being a lemon and sugar girl myself, this pancake receives a solid four out of 10. I don’t wanna be too harsh, but you can’t beat a solid classic and they all taste the same once rolled up, right?

Mmm cheesy… 7/10

I really wasn’t sure about this choice of topping at first. However, looking at the crispy bacon and the way cheese melts into the pancake, you can tell this person is a food connoisseur. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time would certainly approve. Who doesn’t think of the classic song when making bacon pancakes?

Did somebody say Nutella? 6/10

Again, the shape of this pancake is interesting. However, those fresh strawberries look a delight adding colour, much needed health and complimenting the plentiful supply of Nutella. I wish I lived with this person.

Sweet like me…5/10

This pancake’s golden yellow colour is perfect, and you can’t go wrong with the bananas and whipped cream. It’s giving banana split energy. Having said this, the addition of marshmallows is just too sickly for me to score any higher than a five out of 10.

I’d like a pancake with a side of scrambled eggs? 1/10

What sort of first pancake disaster do you call this? In the words of Gordon Ramsay, I wouldn’t trust you running a bath. I understand the first pancake doesn’t always turn out as planned, but I can only give this person 1 point for trying.

Another tragedy… 3/10

Firstly, these pancakes look anaemic. Secondly, where are the toppings? I wanna see syrup, cream, sugar, anything to make it look less bland.

Forget berries and cream, bananas and cream are the way forward… 6/10

This selection of pancakes was almost a repeat of last year’s disasters until this one showed up. Finally an appreciation for whipped cream, artfully swirled as decoration of the beauty of a golden yellow base.

Plainish but the perfect stack 7/10

The consistency is perfect, making this a beautiful stack of freshly cooked pancakes. To make this a 10/10, all this needs is a selection of cute toppings and it’ll be Nigella worthy.

Be my valentine…in March? 6/10

This pancake opened my eyes to the creativity of some UoB students. The love heart shape is super cute and I would love to have seen the final outcome. Who are you sharing this pancake with?

*throws the overcooked food on the ground* 5/10

While this pancake’s shape isn’t too bad, I’m not convinced it tasted great considering how burnt it looks. The only redeeming factor is that it’s another lemon and sugar classic, which is why I’m rating this pancake a middle of the range five out of 10.

Simple but effective… 8/10

The choice of strawberries and sugar is one for those with a sweet tooth (although its plain-ness gives Nando’s lemon and herb vibes). Despite this, the consistency of the pancake itself is perfect. Simple pancakes never harm anyone.

Fancy a pancake pizza anyone? 8.5/10

This person is a creative genius. I never thought of putting a fried egg on a pancake until I set my eyes on this one. The only fault I have is that the cheese isn’t melted enough. Other than that, savoury seems to be the way forward this year, earning this pancake an 8.5/10.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls roll their pancakes… 9/10

These girls have upped their pancake game. The melted chocolate drizzled all over is just showing off their elegance and I’m here for it. I’d love to give them a 10/10 but I’d need a few extra pancakes to give a fair judgement.

Well at least we’ve ended on a high. I’m sorry if I’ve scarred you with some of the disasters above. If these creations have put you off making your own pancakes, then I’m sure there’s a decent pancake place somewhere in Brum you can order from on Deliveroo or UberEats.

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

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