We uncovered the biggest red flags at UoB so you can avoid them

Red flags: like icks, but somehow worse?

You’ve heard and had the ick, but what about the mundane things people do that are a complete turn off?

Perhaps you are infatuated with your tinder match, but this may just remind you how cringe people can be.

To help you avoid unnecessary judgement from strangers, we’ve compiled some of the the strangest red flags at UoB. Nobody is safe here.

Your choice of Nightlife says a lot about you

“If they choose Broad Street over Fab on a Saturday night”

“People that try to start mosh pits in FAB”

“Singing football chants on the way to Sport’s Night”
– Toxic masculinity at its absolute finest.

“Saying no to a Rooster’s/Dixy’s/any drunk food”

“Spending every night in The Goose”
– Switch it up, give The Bristol Pear some love if you must be at the pub 7 days a week!

There’s no need to be moshing in Joe’s bar – chill!

Even getting to campus can be controversial

“If they ride a VOI to campus”

“If they walk slowly on the path up to campus”
– If you’ve left the house with that much time to spare, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re better than the rest of us, but remember that some people roll out of bed mere minutes before their seminar.

A deadly sight when you need to be in Arts in 2 minutes.

Once you’re on campus, the judgement isn’t over

“If their study room of choice is in Strathcona”

If you are voluntarily spending your time in buildings as grey as this then you may need help.

“When they go to the quiet floor in the library just to talk anyway”

“If they’re drinking Monster in the library before midday”
If you’ve just got there – calm down. If you’ve been there all night – go home.

“When STEM students try to flex on arts students in Mason Lounge”
– How about using that fancy new engineering building that was built for you guys?

“Calling Old Joe ‘Big Ben'”
– If you do this, you’re honestly no better than that woman on the Chase who thought he was a observatory

You aren’t even safe in Selly

“If they push a trolley in Aldi”

“Referring to the city as ‘Birms'”
– Obviously the only acceptable contraction is ‘Brum’

“Wearing a full playerlayer tracksuit”
– Because the world actually won’t end if someone in Uni Superstore doesn’t know that you row.

There’s wheeley baskets for a reason everyone

Fresher’s aren’t forgotten either

“Liking the roast dinner from Infusion”

I can’t even comment on this photo because the memories of Infusion are so painful.

“wearing a lanyard on campus”
– I don’t care how practical this is, the vibes aren’t there

So, whilst it’s always encouraged to be yourself and live however you want, maybe leave it off your Tinder profile that you scoot to campus for a study sesh in Strathcona.

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