Meet UoB’s new TikTok stars from Freshers’ Week

Because some of the freshers are actually quite funny…

September brings a new term, and a new group of freshers. So what better way to introduce the new cohort than by showing off their *mostly* viral TikToks.

After 18 months of Covid restrictions and lockdown, TikTok has become engrained in our daily lives. Following the chaos of the last year, an insight into the Freshers’ experience of the 2021 intake can’t go amiss.

With thousands of new students settling in last week, here are some of the best TikToks we’ve scraped together from the first few days of the academic year.

The classic room transition

It’s all about the purple and pink interior. This student’s room transition upgraded those plain white walls every student is stuck staring at. If you don’t have LEDs in your room, are you even at UOB?

Welcome Week freebies

If you didn’t head to campus and claim all the freebies, then you’re clearly a silly fresh. The free Domino’s, excessive pens and plenty of water bottles; you’ve got to make the most of that 9k you’re spending.

Realising you’re baso at Monster’s University

Funnily enough, according to the university’s website, although unconfirmed, it’s believed that Old Joe inspired the clock tower in Pixar’s Monsters University. Who knows if it it’s true, but you can’t deny the likeness between the two. The Scare Games give me campus league energy.

Pre-drinking in your uni kitchen

How most of us spend most of our nights, drinking shots in the kitchen whilst waiting for Ubers into the city. The best way to avoid those non-student night prices.


Did your parents leave you as soon as the first suitcase was out of the car? For this student, her parents gave her the full works. A funny and very accurate representation of how some parents can be when leaving their first born in a different city.

The famous Beech (former Liberty) Gardens cat

For most people, the worst thing about going to uni is leaving their pets behind, but for this student, the comfort of Beech Garden’s famous cat Darcy has defo made settling in much easier.

Realising that people are actually on campus now

In the wise words of the GC, I find myself saying “bring on another lockdown” after standing in the queue for 15 mins at Go Mex. Where have these people come from? If my seat on the third floor library is taken by a fresher, I will RIOT.

Becoming the mum of the flat

When you first join uni the last thing you want to be is the flat mum. You realise most people don’t have the same level of independence as you and it’s FRUSTRATING to say the least! Taking out the bins everyday is normal but not when you’re the only one who does it.

Final years taking Freshers’

We couldn’t leave out the viral TikTok making its way around! These students are real fresher sharks, undertaking missions every final year needs to complete before graduating.

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