What your favourite Brum lockdown walk says about you

A walk along the canal? How basic

Now we’re slowly easing out of lockdown most of us are ready to never hear “you free for a walk?” ever again. We’ve all spent hours walking, usually becoming the most exciting part of our days.

Whether you’re reliving first year walking around The Vale or you’re a bit more extra trekking around Bournville, your choice of walking route makes you more predictable than you think.

Cannon Hill Park

It may be an obvious choice but its definitely the best place to hit those 10,000 steps. You defo love a gossip and Cannon Hill is the perfect spot for it!

We all know you’ve gone there for a socially-distanced catch up or to show off you’ve hit that 10k run- big main character energy. You’re bound to see everyone you know there, and you love it.

The Vale

You’ve not really come to terms with the fact you’re no longer a fresher and who can blame you? You have at least 100 pictures of the lake and I bet you’re a second year struggling to process how first year got cut so short.

You mainly venture here to feel something and it’s ok you’ll get through it, Fab will be back soon!!

Along the Canal

A Brum staple. If your go-to walk is along the canal you’re definitely the mum/dad of the group insisting your house gets their daily hour of exercise.

There’s only so many times you can walk along the canal, and to be honest with you I’m convinced we all only walk this way to get a gram for our insta story.

But props to you for continuing to walk along here despite the inevitable bike about to run you into the canal.

Lickey Hills

So one of your housemates has a car and you’ve convinced them a trip to the countryside (or as close as you’re going to get to it in Brum), is 100 per cent worth their time.

You’re willing to venture a bit further a field for a more scenic route so you can call yourself adventurous right?

You’re probably a final year or masters student, enjoying a bit more peace and quiet, avoiding as many other students as possible. A visit here gives you that much needed break from your nightmare neighbours who insist on seshing on the daily.


Let’s face it you’re lazy. If you’re only walking to Aldi for your one hour of exercise a day you should really consider doing a lap around The Vale.

I don’t mean to be rude but you really should get out more (yes I’m aware we’re still in a lockdown). And wearing your Gymshark leggings to walk around the aisles is kidding no one, we all know it’s only taken you five minutes to walk there.

Selly Park

See above. No matter how much you try and justify that Selly Park is ‘scenic’ you’re basic and the group procrastinator.

You’re clearly not the biggest fan of walking but you’ll find any excuse to get out of uni work. You send everyone 50 Tiktoks a day and get annoyed when they don’t look at them – some of us have work to do!

You’ll always be found with a tinny in your hand and never shut up about Selly Summer.

Wine Stop

Or any other convenience store. You spend all your time drinking and to be honest who can blame you.

You’re the group liability and only at uni just for the sesh, desperately waiting for Circo to reopen. You spend most of your day recovering from a hangover, convincing yourself that six days of rest is valid when you’ve attended one lecture that week.

You’re also the housemate who constantly begs for a takeaway even though you literally had one two nights before.


If you’re walking to Bournville then you’re definitely the Tory of your house or a health queen. You miss your local bakery, love a creme egg and are a regular at The Clean Kilo.

You acknowledge that Brum isn’t exactly the nicest city and you’re gagging for that small town vibe.

The City Centre

If this is your favourite walking destination then you’re the shopaholic of the group. With parcels arriving on a daily basis, you’ve spent all your loan despite nothing being open. You miss shopping in the Bull Ring and enjoy strolling past Urban just to feel something.

It’s an interesting choice for a walking route. Getting the train there defeats the point surely?

You may spend all your money but you’re clearly the most motivated in the group who knows Brum through and through from all the shortcuts you’ve learnt wandering around the city.


You’re the definition of main character. You’ve trekked all the way to campus for what? To gram a picture of your Starbucks?

Don’t get me wrong we all love our campus but come on, you’re only walking here to show off your new fit and hopefully get a Brumble (we all know your motive). I even bet your choice of study area is top floor of T&L, the prime location to be seen.

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