UoB student finds her ‘long-lost twin’ at uni

Their birthdays are one day apart

University of Birmingham students Amy Harriet and Grace Castle have discovered that they look scarily alike.

In a TikTok that has since gone viral, Amy, a Drama and Performing Arts student claims “I think I’ve met my long lost twin at uni.”

After moving in on the same day, the girls and their parents met in the kitchen of their flat and “all just gasped” at their likeness, Amy told The Birmingham Tab.

The girls spoke on Snapchat over the summer before moving into their Chamberlain flat.

“We were already getting on really well before we got to uni [so] we decided to move in on the same day, and were the first of our flat to arrive”, Amy told The Birmingham Tab.

Amy told The Birmingham Tab it was a great shock when they first met, as “I hadn’t seen her without a Snapchat filter before we met so it was a genuine surprise as to how similar we look.”

“We then got talking, with our parents, and birthdays came up”, Amy continued. “That’s when we found out that our birthdays are a day apart.” This information was added to the TikTok leading users to suggest a real Parent Trap situation.

TikTok users explained that the girls’ birthdays could be a day apart if one of the girls was born at 11.59pm and the other was born at 12.01am.

However, Amy told The Birmingham Tab: “What I failed to mention in the viral TikTok is that Grace took a gap year […] our birthdays are a day apart, but also a year apart!”

Amy told The Birmingham Tab that she wants to “clarify we aren’t twins”, and she thinks “we don’t look that similar, just in certain photos.”

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