A beginner’s guide to lockdown Galentine’s

Let’s make this V-day one to remember…or not

It’s February. Hooray. January is over, the days are getting longer, and everyone is in love, cute.

However, not all of our relationships have lasted as long as this pandemic, but I bet your friendships have!

So here is a list of Galentine’s date ideas to get you feeling all the love (cause chicks over dicks any day, right?).

Movie Marathon

The only type of marathon I will ever be partaking in. Get your blankets, your pyjamas, your besties and pile onto the sofa.

Establish a sufficiently long queue of rom-coms to distract you from the growing void in your chest, add an alcoholic beverage of your choice, and a worryingly large amount of snacks and you’re good to go.

Whoever said you can’t eat your feelings is cancelled for today.

(Yes, those are DVDs. What a throwback)

Pamper sesh

You should absolutely be treating yourself to this everyday, but Valentines is a valid excuse if you need one. So let’s go crazy.

We need facemasks, more facemasks (it’s really that bad), hair masks, nail varnish, candles (don’t tell Oakmans), fake tan and all the other random beauty products you impulse bought in TK Maxx.

We’re going full on deep cleanse. And if you have a bathtub now is your time to shine, clean the grime for the first time since you moved in and relax.

A Romantic Walk (with yourself and Lana del Rey)

I mean TikTok has said it before, need I say it again? Go romanticise the hell out of the Vale, Chancellor’s Court, Selly Park, Aldi… even Muirhead tower is beautiful if Lana’s there.

The point is focus on being with yourself and enjoying your own company. If lockdown has taught us anything (other than how much we hate Zoom), it’s that we all need a balance of time with others and time with ourselves.

We’re all looking at you my queen – you ARE the main character.

Get drunk

Failsafe. It’s an obvious one and it’s my method of choice.

Get dressed up, do your make up, take 36388948 photos and decide you hate them all, drink copious volumes with your gals and guys, and ensure you remember absolutely nothing.

Now I’m not advocating alcohol to numb your pain, but some days are just best left as a blank.

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