Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Selly street you truly are

Honestly gutted if you get Tiv

Let’s face it: the biggest decision any UoB student makes at the start of every year is which Selly Street to call a home. You spend hours trekking around Selly arguing with your soon to be housemates about mould and long walks to uni. But do you pick the street or does the street pick you?

We all joke about Selly as if it’s all the same, but each street encourages a different lifestyle. Whether you love sports and can’t miss a night out, or are an early riser who takes pride in their clean kitchen, there is the perfect street for you!

So, whether you’re a fresher trying to figure out where your true home is, or a final year worried you wasted your time at uni in the wrong place, take the quiz and find out which Selly street you truly are:

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