Cheers to 2020: A list of things UoB students can drink to this year

Because who said this year couldn’t be turned into a drinking game?

In all honesty, 2020’s been a bit of a downer for all of us. However, with all the tragic events that have occurred in the last 10 months, the absolute scenes of 2020 make a perfect drinking game which you and your housemates can play on a big night in.

The rules are simple. Take a shot if you’ve done any of the following in 2020. Without further ado, pour yourself some vodka shots (or Sourz for the faint-hearted) and brace yourself for what is about to become an extremely messy night!

Oh, and please always drink responsibly.

1. Take a shot if you got coronavirus in 2020

I’m getting this one out of the way early on. It’s self-explanatory, and we’re probably all drinking right now. Thanks 2020. Thanks a lot.

2. Take a shot if you baked a banana bread

2020 wouldn’t be complete without the legendary nostalgia of the banana bread. Thousands of us all over the UK attempted to get just an ounce of serotonin by baking this sweet goodness. Of course, it didn’t work. And the banana bread wasn’t even that nice. But it was worth a try.

3. Take a shot if you signed a petition

On a more serious note, 2020 has been a pretty revolutionary year for protests and political discourse. There are thousands of petitions circulating the social medias, and if you didn’t sign one, here’s your chance now (click here)!

4. Take a shot if you reminisce over the days when Old Joe actually made noise

Rumour has it the day he starts bonging again is the day coronavirus is cured.

5. Take a shot if you became exercise-obsessed

Yeh, me neither. But for some, lockdown was seen as a perfect opportunity to get ripped. I personally don’t see why anyone would have opted to do this to themselves, but good on you if you took a shot (please teach me your ways).

6. Take a shot if you went viral on TikTok

I need a bad … bleep … Addison Rae.

No but seriously, if you drank, I literally want nothing more in life than to be as cool as you.

7. Take a shot if you watched Parasite

Yeh. Remember when that film won four Oscars? Me neither. That whole ‘Global Pandemic’ thing really stole its limelight. #JusticeForParasite.

8. Take a shot if you drove to Durham to test your eyesight during a national lockdown

Because it was just such a normal thing to do, right? Cheers Dom Cummings for the memes.

9. Take a shot if you stayed up until 3am to get a Tiv Gym slot

What was all that about? Literally no form of exercise is worth losing sleep over. I’m ashamed of you if you drank.

10. Take a shot if you re-explored your ‘Harry Potter’ phase

What a trip down memory lane that was. Draco TikTok still haunts me to this day.

11. Take a shot if you almost dropped out of uni

I think we all went through this stage. £9k for a year of online lectures just didn’t really seem a fair deal. Yet, here we are.

12. Take a shot if you started collecting the Sainsbury’s Lego cards

Rumour has it they’re being sold on eBay for £500. Regardless, nothing says ‘worth being ripped off by a Supermarket’ quite as well as a fat stack of Lego cards.

13. Take a shot if you were given a pre-used coronavirus testing kit

If you drank, I can only apologise. It’s an unfortunate tale, but it’s definitely one to tell the grand-kids.

14. Take a shot if you were late to your seminar because you left your face mask at home

Just 2020 things, am I right?

15. Take a shot if you’ve booked more library slots than nights out

It’s the thing your mum has always dreamed of. Finally prioritising work over clubbing. And it only took a global pandemic!

16. Take a shot if you took part in a Zoom quiz

Who didn’t do this? For extra points, take another one if your Zoom quiz was fancy-dress themed.

17. Take a shot if you went out into the street to clap at 7pm

What a parallel universe fever dream this was. Classic Brit behaviour for sure.

18. Take a shot if you cut or dyed your own hair

I’m not sure what aspect of lockdown made us all think we were the next Brad Mondo, but 99.9 per cent of us decided a fringe was the way to go. Poor judgement on our part.

19. Take a shot if your mum forced you to do a clear-out

This was painful, it seemed somewhat redundant seeing as all the charity shops were closed, but you did it to have a break from all the banana bread baking

20. Take take a shot if you became single

Apparently 2020 has been the year of the breakup. Even Made in Chelsea’s Sam and Zara have parted their separate ways (so hit up their DMs, people). Whether you’ve been a dumper or dumpee this year, take a shot and numb that pain – and don’t drunk text them!

21. Finally, take a shot if you’ve only drunk to less than five of these

Because making it this far is pretty impressive. Go you.

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