Wii games and drunk Jenga: Here are 10 ways to make your pres of six people not dead

Did someone say drinking games?

As the government continues to impose more restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus, we must look to our five friends and rely on them to provide us with a good night. This isn’t easy when just eight months ago, we were cramming into a sweaty club and sharing a ciggie between four people. However, despite the government’s every attempt to have us in bed by 10.30, the party must go on, even if it’s just with six people.

What better way to ensure a solid night of drinking and pretending you’re going out clubbing than to have a lit pres? Here are the 10 top tips, from ambience to messed up drinking games to dinner party pres, to ensure your pres are so good everyone will want to join (even though they can’t because that’s illegal now).

First up: Get the mood right with some cheap disco lights

A perfect addition to any living room – disco lights are sure to set the mood. Easy to pick up on Amazon for a tenner, this is guaranteed to create party vibes. This is also the closest you’re going to get to club lighting, so enjoy it.

For all the real cheapskates out there, you can even turn off all the lights and find a YouTube video with psychedelic patterns to provide the ambience.

Dust off the old Wii games and get them out

They worked well when you were 11, they’ll work just as well now. Mario Kart, Just Dance and Wii Sport are, and always will be, classics. One of your housemates is guaranteed to have a Wii lying around in the attic at home. So, get competitive whilst reliving your fondest childhood memories.

Pick a theme and elevate your pres from average to outrageous

Whether it’s tropical, underwater, or school-themed, this will always bring some excitement to the evening. No dress-up would be complete without a best and worst costume – you can add some shots as a consequence for poor effort.

Never have I ever is a guaranteed crowd pleaser

A timeless classic. Some may say this game has been overplayed. But we say, you can never learn too much about someone, especially now you’re all locked indoors together. Boredom inspires creativity so who knows what secrets might come out of the woodwork – whoever said there was such a thing as oversharing is wrong.

Flip Cup… but with a twist

Before the times of a six-person pres, this game was easy fun. If you don’t know what it is, basically you line up in teams, drink your drink, flip the cups until it lands upside down and keep going until the whole team’s done.

Unfortunately, with three people on each team, this game seems a lot quieter and a lot less fun. So, here is a new twist. Two people go head to head flipping the cup, however, this time there is no drink in the cup, just a shot between the two people. Each time someone lands the cup upside down, they move the shot one step closer to their opponent. Whoever the shot reaches first is the loser and they must down the shot.

Dinner parties are always a success

This may seem weird but if you start your night out with a dinner party, you can line your stomach and pre all at the same time whilst still making it out with loads of time before curfew. Each housemate can be in charge of a different course, and why not take a leaf out of the Come Dine With Me book and rate each other’s meals. Wine is also absolutely necessary.

Photo Roulette will bring danger and risk to the evening

This one requires an app but trust me it’s worth it. One person uses the app to set up the game and gives the code to the other players. The app then displays a picture from one of the player’s camera rolls and everyone must guess who the photo belongs to. Granted this is a risky game to play – but what are you hiding? Turn this into a drinking game by making the owner of each image take a shot (or a sip of their drink if you’re feeling kind), after everyone has guessed.

Get the drunk Jenga ready

Okay, this one is going to take some time and effort but isn’t that something we have an abundance of now that everyone’s social lives (outside of their house) are over? This one is great fun to make as well as play. Start with all your Jenga blocks and grab a Sharpie. Each block can say something different, a new rule, a truth, a dare, a challenge. Some suggestions include: confession, waterfall, two truths and a lie. But get creative, now your only friends are your housemates – you can make some very personalised Jenga blocks, and get Jenny to finally confess that she stole your milk.

‘Who’s most likely to’ is another classique

This one is perfect for playing at pres but also in a pub or bar. Anyone can suggest a question and then all the players must close their eyes and point at the person they think best fits the description. Whoever gets the most votes must drink. You can make this game as tame – ‘who is most likely to become a teacher’ – or as targeted – ‘who is most likely to never take the bin out *cough* Hannah??’ – as you like. But remember, you are stuck with these people as soon as one of you inevitably gets Covid so don’t take it too far.

No lockdown pre is complete without karaoke

Whether you want to live out your dream to perform Whitney to your housemates (weird – but we won’t judge you) or bring the house down with a bit of ‘Come On Eileen’, karaoke is a fail safe option. Your neighbours will love you, your landlord will love you, and sometimes you just need to scream into a microphone.

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