It’s official: These are the names of people most likely to ghost you

Oh, and we can tell you their chosen professions too

We’ve all been there, one minute we’re sending constant messages back and forth with someone we’re interested in and then you go on the chat and see those fateful blue ticks. It truly is the real heartbreak. The worst part of it? You never get to find out what went wrong because guess what? They’ve stopped replying. Yep, you’re being ghosted and life sucks.

But imagine, just imagine, you could predict ghosting before it even happens and maybe avoid it all together. Apparently, you can do just that. A new report by reveals which people are most likely to leave you on “read” after anything from a third date to a one-night stand. The study found the names and professions most likely to ghost you, based on a survey of over 2000 people.

The results say a lot. 👀

So, what are the names of people who are most likely to ghost you?

Up top for girls names to avoid if you don’t want to be left on read is Isabella, and you should avoid a Dan if you’re chatting to guys.

The top female names most likely to ghost are shortly followed by Lily, Mia, Lauren and Katie. After Daniel, the guys most likely to ghost you are called Matthew, Jack, George and Thomas. My best advice? Avoid them at all costs.

The study also found out which professions are most likely to ghost you

You might be surprised to know that those who are meant to care for us most, emergency service workers, are those breaking our hearts the most. They must be pretty busy though, I guess.

After emergency service workers, the professions most likely to leave you on read and never come back are lawyers, those in the media, PR and marketing, people in finance and anyone who works in HR or recruitment.

So if you match with anyone who ticks these boxes on a dating app, it’s probably just best to quit while you’re ahead. This is about to revolutionise your dating game. You’re welcome.

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