Siblings or dating

Quiz: A viral Instagram account asks if people are siblings or dating, can you guess?

Some of them have shocked me to the core

Siblings or Dating is the new viral Instagram account that lets you guess if two people are siblings or dating, and honestly some of them are beyond surprising.

The account has only been around since July this year and it’s already got nearly 200k followers thanks to it going big on TikTok. People can submit their photos with either their partner or sibling and then people guess if they’re related or together.

Going through the account will make you question everything you thought you knew about people. Some couples look so freaking alike, you wonder if they were twins separated at birth and whether they’re almost too similar to be dating each other.

Whereas pairs of siblings look completely different to each other and yet do all these weird cute couple poses, that you would never dream of doing with your own siblings, because they are the devil.

It’s the greatest mind game and we’ve taken some of the best photos to test your knowledge to see if you can work out which pairings are siblings and which are couples. There’s 15 photos to guess and if you can get at least half of them right you are a certified genius.

Take this siblings or dating quiz, to see how many pairings you can guess correctly:

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