Things in our Selly houses that just make sense

‘It’s my landlord’s denial for me’

It’s fair to say we have a love-hate relationship with our Selly homes. We feel weirdly protective, so we defend our homes to everyone and anyone. However, I can almost guarantee that we’ve all looked at something in our houses, and been left feeling totally bamboozled.

Here we’ve collected some of your strangest pictures, and hopped on to this TikTok trend (let’s not pretend you haven’t watched hundreds of these videos already).

The random infested sofa dumped in the garden

sofa in garden

At first look, this may seem like an insect ridden sofa dumped in the middle of the garden, but it could in fact be your next best friend. With the library being impossible to access, this ‘vintage’ sofa could just save your degree and give you a whole new working environment.

Gardens that could be mistaken for being a part of the Green heart…

garden weeds

If you’re like me, you love walking along the Green Heart and taking in all of campus. But, I must tell you that your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is in fact not the Green Heart. However, luckily for this student they can bring campus home with them, and admire their beautiful garden. I can’t even tell the difference!

Unbeatable sport facilities

broken goalie

Can’t get a slot at Tiv Gym? Not to worry, this student’s house has a ‘goalie’ perfect for you to get some football practice in and exercise to your hearts’ content – surprisingly there’s no booking required.

No need for the multi-coloured LED strip lights

red room

This student does not need to worry about not getting their deposit back (although, let’s face it they were never going to get it back in the first place). As there is now no need to command strip lights all along your wall. No marks, no pay!

Art that could be in the Barber institute

live laugh love

Online learning has no chance of crushing your soul when you have the pleasure of reading uplifting quotes like this.

Interpretive wall art?

A common submission – maybe the same landlord? If you ignore the fact this metal rod could poke your eye out you could say… actually, I’ve tried to add a positive spin to this and there really isn’t one. This should probably come with a warning: #staysafeselly.

Heated storage units?

heated storage cupboard

I hope you didn’t think this was a storage cupboard, because it would have about as much use as the myUoB app…

So, thank you to the landlords and letting agents of Selly for giving us these treats that turn our houses, into homes.

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