‘Your mask is a muzzle’: Anti-mask protestors march through the Bull Ring

‘No to a muzzle to silence us and add fear’

On Saturday, a group of protestors marched through the Bull Ring to object to the wearing of face masks and the isolations imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

They chanted “take off your mask” and “we are the people, we are the power” whilst holding up placards stating “take off your mask and free yourself” and “the mask is stupid.”

This protest follows a series of similar anti-mask protests across the UK. The groups object to the need for a face mask, arguing that the masks do not truly protect people. They claim that scientific studies and death tolls use “fake” statistics. One protestor carried a sign stating “we want true facts on deaths, not fake COVID figures.”

The protestors carried placards with various messages such as, “we do not give consent,” “no to isolating family and friends in a scam lockdown” and “no to a muzzle to silence us and add fear.”

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of wearing a mask, in reducing the spread of the virus through droplets and aerosols. “The evidence is clear that people should wear masks to reduce virus transmission and protect themselves” according to an Oxford study.

The protest does not just take issue with masks, but also highlights their concerns over 5G. This is linked to the conspiracy theory that 5G mobile signals spread the virus or produce radiation that causes coronavirus. These ideas have led to people destroying telephone masts.

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