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UoB Maths Department cancels student placements

Final year maths students taking the module have been told not to come into schools from today

Earlier this morning, the University of Birmingham’s Maths Department sent out an email to all final year students taking the 3RSM module, informing them that all school placements they are required to take as part of the module have been ended early, due to Coronavirus.


From today, March 13th, they have been instructed not to attend their school placements due to growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus. As a result, the School will consider all placements completed.

This is not the first university department to cancel teaching. Just one hour ago, students in the School of English, Drama and American and Canadian Studies received an email from Dr Dave Gunning, the head of Education, informing them that no in-class assessed presentations will be going ahead for the remainder of the teaching term.

Instead, students are to be assessed on “a selection of written materials relating to the planned presentation”.

It is not yet clear whether other schools and departments will follow suit, and how this will affect final grades or graduations in the summer.

If you have any concerns about Coronavirus, you can find information about the disease and how to help prevent the spread here.