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Fist fight at Indie Lounge between locals on Friday night

The man was ‘pinned to the ground’

The fight began inside the bar but was quickly moved to outside around 10.30pm on Saturday 27th October. Witnesses said they heard talk outside the bar suspecting the men would ‘be trouble’.

UoB student James Haines told The Birmingham Tab that he saw two drunk men begin fighting outside the bar. Later on, the man who ‘lost’ the fight returned with a friend. This is when the fight came inside the bar, as the man returned with a friend.

UoB student Emily Powell tells The Birmingham Tab that she arrived at the bar to see a man “pinned to the ground” by people around at the time. Once the man was unpinned, “he started punching one of the men.”

After this, the two men left, and it seemed the fight was diffused. However, the man only left to call “his mates to back him up.” The man had called five of his friends. Upon re-entering the bar, Powell reports that the man first involved in the fight shouted, “there he is get him!” The men were pushing each other and moving the fight around the lounge. The fight seemed to centre around the front of the band. The men “fell onto the stage and destroyed a load of musical equipment.” Witnesses said they could “hear the punches because the microphone was right next to it.”

Another man was punched in the back of the head due to previously calling the men “dickheads” for fighting earlier on in the evening.

The bar tenders were seen “whipping glasses off the bar” before the men grabbed them.

It is unclear what caused the fight however, Powell recalls hearing a girl screaming “no please stop.” She believes the girl knew the men.

The fight climaxed as the single man got hit against the drums by the group. Following this, “the pub cleared out because the fight was so bad.”

It was reported by both Haines and Powell that the police were called 45 minutes before they attended the incident.

After the police arrived, the men involved in the fight began filtering out. Powell reports that “a few tried to run off, but the police got them.”

Witnesses claim that the fight was very violent and disturbing to watch. Powell says it made her “feel sick listening to it.” Others were also troubled as Powell reports one woman was having a panic attack following the events of the evening.

The Birmingham Tab contacted the police who say that "no arrests have been made and the enquiry is ongoing. Witnesses with any more information are encouraged to contact the police on 101 or live chat."

Indie Lounge told the Tab "the fight actually started outside, the staff went outside broke up the fight helped the students to come inside and helped to de-escalate the situation. The perpetrators were not part of our customers."