The perfect recovery guide for recovering student shopaholics

Countdown until the student loan drops

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It’s inevitable that nearly every student is going to have budgeting problems whilst at university, even those still living at home. We’ve all had the talk from our parents making sure we put the important things first but many of us just live off bags of pasta for months and say nothing about it.

If you love clothes shopping and find yourself in clothes shops every time you have a spare afternoon in the week – which is normally two or three at university – you can now be scientifically categorised as a shopaholic. My fellow student shopaholics, over this summer break I have set myself a challenge to reduce the amount of clothes I buy and have come up with eight best rules to live by.

Block all shopping websites

You must admit, online shopping is the worst kind. They’re a pain for your PayPal account. You constantly find yourself scrolling through the next big sale and with just a click of a button you’ve just waved goodbye to £30. Block them. They’re no good for your bank account.

Have a ‘NO SHOPPING’ sign on the Safari app

It’s always good to have a further layer of protection away from these killer sites. Just type in the words ‘No Shopping Sign’ on Google Images and every time you click on the internet app it’ll be there laughing at you.

give yourself a big pat on the back

Delete all shopping apps and remove your payment details

Yes! Do it just like the websites! First of all they won’t do you any favours and without your details how can a click of a button damage you or your bank balance?

Unfollow anyone clogging up your feed with temptation

So, you follow all the Kardashian sisters, every fashion magazine, famous fashion bloggers and big stars promoting new fashion trends. Just think of all the washing you’ll have to do if you buy the things you see. Just simply scroll through your follow list and unfollow everyone in the list above.

Distract yourself by any means necessary

The worst thing about having a shopping addiction is when you’re trying to be good for once and someone drags you into a clothes shop in the middle of the Bullring. Get your phone out, look at your screen and not at the rails. Like Facebook statuses and tweet about the latest episode of Big Brother or what happened to you the night before.

Reflect on your current wardrobe

Just take a pic it lasts longer 

If you have your phone out and you have already scrolled through your social media feeds three times over, take pictures of any clothing items you may like. Keep them on your phone but don’t go out and buy them. Simply wait until your phone storage is full and delete them all. Or even try on an outfit you’d never pick out for the fun.

Try on something you’d never wear

Get yourself some self-help prompts

Grab yourself a ‘self-help’ card from Card Factory. For my 18th Birthday my childhood best friend made up a suitcase for me of presents to open throughout the year. Inside were a series of envelopes which were for me to open when I was feeling in certain moods. I admit the first one I opened was ‘open when you feel like a shopping spree’. Inside I found a self-help card for shoppers.  You’d be surprised how helpful it can be.

Get yourself a self-help card

Go on a month’s ban

Set yourself the ultimate challenge. Go on a month’s ban from buying any items of clothing. If you complete it, add another month on. I know all these tips don’t sound rather appealing but by the end of it, your bank balance will be beaming, your washing piles will be half the size and you might possibly have space in your wardrobe. Finally.