Why you should never wear a coat to the club

Seriously, it’s time to find your beer coat

brum club coat tab

All hail the true heroes of the night, the un-caped crusaders who bare the sub-zero temperatures in honour of the sesh. You look at these guys and girls shivering in the queue outside Players and you wonder why they do this to themselves? How can they put themselves through that? But most importantly, how can I be like them? 

Here’s how:

Get your beer coat 

Well for starters these guys number one defence against the night is their beer coat – they are so highly intoxicated that they can barely even feel the cold anymore. The goal is to pre drink hard enough to think yourself invincible against even Mother Nature herself, yes you can down another shot, and no you don’t need that coat.

Beer coat at the ready

Be frugal

It may seem silly but as a student every little really does help. For every £2 they save on the cloakroom, they can buy another vodbull to stop them getting cold on the way home. These student know what it’s really worth spending your money on.

Doing it all wrong

Choose Uber

Uber is their other life saver. Seriously, who has time to wait around for a cab when you’re wearing next to nothing and its minus two degrees outside. They’ve probably already ordered one before they’ve even left the club, now that’s well prepared.

Baby, its cold outside

Embrace your outfit

All of their outfits are always on point and should never be obscured by a coat. They look great shivering outside in all their mesh and sparkly glory. Besides wouldn’t it just be tragic if you lost or forgot to take you’re fabulous vintage windbreaker home with you. There are many expertly tried and tested research that votes in favour of leaving your coat at home. Don’t be the loser in the line who only has the cloakroom guy to sesh with.

Own it

Avoid cloakroom at all costs

They also avoid having to queue for a seemingly insane amount of time at the beginning and end of each night. There’s no need to leave the dance floor early to grab your coat before the crowds hit when you’re fully prepared for anything already. They’re always the last to leave the dance floor, which will help keep them warmer when the eventually have to leave.