The Arts building is the best place to study

The Peter Gelling Library is the spot to go to

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The past week or so has been controversial for the library. The ongoing petitioning for permitting food and drink in the library has gained serious traction. Additionally, you probably will never find a seat due to the inadequate number of study areas. With over 34,000 students at UoB, it’s often tricky to find a calming study spot…that is until now. It’s time to change direction, and head to the Arts building.

There’s something quaint and relaxing about the Arts Building, it’s occupied with humanities students who are already in the know of the secret havens where you can finally study in peace. Now it’s time to join the club.

Arts Lounge

Tucked away in the underground of the Arts Building, down the spookiest of corridors one lucky student shall find the gateway into Narnia, or as it’s generally known, the beloved Arts Lounge. It’s a space for a quality silent study session and is perfect if you can abide by the strict rules. I only heard of its whereabouts last week, but it should be number one on your list for when you finally abandon the glorified library.

runway to heaven

Even knowledgeable, veteran final years are unfamiliar with the basement space. If you choose to study here make sure you pack headphones to keep you sane, as no one really talks down there. Only go against the status quo if you want to be the victim of multiple death stares and a desire for a bad reputation. Also its gets very chilly below ground so it’s best to pack a jacket or two if your planning a trip.

Get there early. It may not be as infamous as the library, but the well-informed post grads are not keen to give up their space, so get there in plenty of time to mark your territory.

Mason Lounge

The one. The only. The Mason lounge is newly refurbished, decorated with grey squishy sofa pods, super modern workbenches, and not to mention the cave spaces that are perfect to lounge on mid-essay.

If you’re somewhat of a social butterfly then Mason Lounge is perfect for you. You’ll most likely see people tucked up in corners reading Voltaire or engaging in conversations about the current state of the European economy.

in the zone

The café offers the perfect pick-me-up. Even grab yourself a cheap discounted sandwich if you have the chance. Mason Lounge also welcomes working vending machines, computers and bookshelves with actually decent material. It’s pretty central within campus and is an enjoyable place for a pit stop through the day to catch up with your mates.

Mason Lounge already has its set of regular guests and fills up fairly quickly in the middle of the day, so most computer spaces tend to fill up super quick, but there is still a reasonable amount of space if you bring a book or laptop.

calm vibes

Peter Gelling Library

If you want to avoid absolutely everybody, this is the place to be. Located on the third floor, the Peter Gelling Library is so illusive, we’re only 82% certain the room exists. In an oasis of calm, the added bonus of this understated study area is the fact no one else you know will be there.

This magical place is mainly used by Classics and Ancient History students, but anyone’s welcome. Finally you can get on with finishing deadlines without the annoying chatter of fellow lethargic, sloth-like students.

With a plethora of places to revise make it your business to become an unofficial member of UoB’s most exclusive intellectual hangout.