Someone has started a petition to allow students to eat and drink in the library

‘An empty stomach leads to an empty mind’

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Yesterday, student Rosie Edney started a petition to allow University of Birmingham students to bring food and drink into the new library.

Within hours the petition had gained 700 signatures, and has now nearly reached a 1000 signatures.

The current library has already come under heavy criticism from students who have criticised it for having dodgy wifi and insufficient study spaces. 

You bastards


Students signing the petition highlighted the importance of food and drink when studying. James Francis wrote: “An empty stomach leads to an empty mind”, and Harry Cavill added: “I want a bloody cup of tea with my work.”

The Tab spoke to petition founder Rosie Edney about her reasons for starting the petition: “I decided to start the petition after being rudely evicted from the library on a couple of occasions, when all I wanted to do was have a coffee to fuel my learning.

“I thought it was ridiculous to have to waste so much of my time in the café when my time could have been better spent studying.  So many other universities allow it and it’s not a problem in other study spaces on campus.”

This wouldn’t be a problem in the Mason Lounge

Rosie has submitted the petition to the Guild’s ‘Your Idea’s’ campaign, and students will be able to vote for its implementation this week.

The petition has not been well received by all students, however, with Matthew Bean starting a counter petition trying to ban Rosie from the library.

Matthew writes: “On the frequent occasions where Rosie has brought food/ drink into the library she makes me feel personally victimised by her rude and unprofessional manner.”

The link to Rosie’s petition can be found below: