Your craziest stories from Freshers’ Week

Someone got set on fire

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Since the 19th of September, fresh faced and innocent Freshers from all over the country have been causing chaos and losing their dignity in Brum’s best clubs.

UoB’s Freshers’ week finally came to an official end on Wednesday with Sigala at the 02 Acadamy.

Freshers’ is one of the only times in your entire life where making really bad decisions makes you a legend, so it’s best to make the most of it. Whether it’s setting off the fire alarm or sleeping with your flatmate, most of us have a memorable story from our first week at UoB that we’d rather forget.

Here at the Tab we were keen to find out what this years Freshers got up to, so we headed to the Vale to ask several hungover looking Freshers what their maddest stories from the past couple of weeks were. Here are some of the best:

“Our friend set fire to himself.  Somehow his hall t-shirt caught alight while he was wearing it and he had to run outside and roll in the grass… he was fine though.”


“Our housemate brought a guy back last night and apparently it was all going well until we decided to interrupt. We were knocking on the door and shouting things through to them so much that apparently they just had to stop having sex and he never finished. We were the ultimate cock blockers to be honest.”

With BNOC Tina Feng

With BNOC Tina Feng

“I’m not sure if this counts as a crazy story but I somehow managed to spend £56 at Sports night. There was this rule that every time I sat down I had to buy another drink… It was mild bullying.”

Niamh and Ellie, zoom in to see the chipped tooth

Niamh and Ellie, zoom in to see the chipped tooth

“I chipped my tooth doing the worm. It was on the Geography bar crawl at Arcadian and there were all these different challenges and one of them was to do the worm and I smashed my tooth. Mum keeps telling me I need to go to the dentist and get it fixed.”

Sabrina, Charlotte, and Frankie

Sabrina, Charlotte, and Frankie

“I fell down the stairs outside Maple Bank and smashed my phone. To be honest there’s been quite a lot of falling down stairs and smashing things.”

“We had one massive flat party that just got way out of hand.  People were posting on the Halls groups to turn up to our flat for a party and there were so many people knocking on the door turning up that we’d never seen before in our life! Literally hundreds of people.”


A less crazy flat party…

“I missed 8 hours of lectures in one day. It was bad. I woke up hungover late and then realised I had the wrong timetable.  I spent 4 hours trying to find the right room, which was so tiring I had to go home for a nap. Then while I was napping I missed another 3 hours.”

“I turned up late to one of mine and had to sit on the floor for the whole thing. I felt like a twat.”

Photo from the Emergency Services party at the guild on the 30th September

Photo from the Emergency Services party at the guild on the 30th September

“I was trying to get my housemate really drunk so that she wouldn’t go home early like she normally does but I massively over did it. We were the first ones in the club and she was starfishing on the floor so we got kicked out for being too drunk.

“I kept trying to get us back in but we were rejected 3 times. The next bit is a bit of a blur but I ended up in a taxi heading home when I really really didn’t want to go home. I was so determined to go out I opened the taxi door, while it was moving, rolled out, and ran back to the club, and got let back in. I had a really good night so it was worth it.”

“I was so hungover I genuinely thought I had meningitis.”