Three UOB students are cycling to Venice in memory of cousin

120KM a day? No problem.

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Three UOB students are to cycle across Europe this summer to raise money and awareness for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (CFT).

The trip is in memory of second year student Joshua Bray’s god sister, Leigh-Anne Milkins, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was two and sadly died at the age of 31 in January.

So who are they?

Joshua Bray, First Year, Mathematical Economics and Statistics

Joshua recently lost his cousin to cystic fibrosis this year, and had the idea for the trip after her passing. With the support of his closest friends, he aims to raise as much money possible, and split the donations between the two charities.

He told the Tab: “I’ve been organising the trip for a while now, the thing I’m most nervous about is getting fit enough to cycle so far!”


James Turner, Second Year, Physics 

James is looking forward to the opportunity of joining Joshua on the trip.

James told the Tab: “Josh is a strong character and as soon as I found out what he planned to do I offered to help him with it all. I’m really excited to take on such a big challenge, hopefully we make it there without any major hiccups.”


Josh Forster, Third Year, Physics 

He has decided to spend time helping Joshua in finding a sponsor and raising donations.

Josh told the Tab: “I’ve really enjoyed supporting and working with Joshua, and I can’t wait to cycle to Venice together!”

“For me, the strangest thing will be sleeping in a bivvy bag every night. I’m not looking forward to any rain there might be!”


They are to cycle from campus to the ferry in Dover, travelling across to Calais. From there, they will cycle through France into Belgium, straight across to Luxembourg. The only city stay in their itinerary is Basel, Switzerland.

They will have a rest night, marking the halfway point, and will continue cycling through the Alps into Austria, and finally into Italy. They’ll end in Venice, with a few days to recover.

All three boys have been members of the UoB Boat Club and are motivated and well driven individuals. They train as a group with a strict and well balanced exercise routine including spinning, running, strengthening and conditioning. Their goal is to cycle an average distance of 120KM a day.

When they have reached their desired fitness level, they intend to cycle to and around the isle of Isle of Wight to test their coping abilities.

Josh told the Tab:

“We know it will be hard and gruelling, but it’s all worth it. Leigh-anne was such a warm and loving person. She always had a special way with the kids in our family and was a huge part of my life growing up. It was so sad to see her pass, hopefully with your help we can beat cystic fibrosis for good!” 

If you want to support them on their trip, you can donate here