The Tab’s guide to a Birthday Bash in Brum

We gon’ party like it’s ya birthday

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Birthdays-  the one day of the year when it’s all about you.  What’s not to love?

The most obvious choice for birthday celebrations in Brum is partying the night away. There’s a whole load of clubs and so many student nights. You start the night dressed up looking glam-to-go and it ends in a concoction of stories to cackle about the following morning.

Oh Birmingham you glorious place

But that’s all pretty standard- there is more on offer in big ol’ Brum if you fancy peppering your birthday with some originality. So feel free to take this as a bit of a birthday guide, and widen those horizons.

Cocktail making classes

Third year Geography student Emily has recently decided on cocktail making classes for her housemate, instead of the usual getting smashed at Fab.

She said: “Classes at Revolution are a really good option for a small group, and it means you get to try something new! I think the classes with a meal included at revolution are also good value for money.”

Summer cocktails at Revolution

Fancy Dress Party

Philosophy & Religion student, Emma, decided to go all out with a themed birthday house party.

She told The Tab: “I liked my Harry Potter theme because it made people put the effort in and let us see people’s creative sides”. This idea definitely gives a birthday night out a more distinctive and memorable feel and who doesn’t love to dress up?

That’s really you, isn’t it professor trelawney?

Go crazy for go-carting

If you’re more of a thrill seeker or just want to trying something new, Brum has a lot in store. Fourth year Geology & Geography student Charlotte took the squad go-carting to celebrate.

She said: “It was amazing, it was like playing Mario cart but you’re not playing, it’s the real deal. Unfortunately, though, you can’t drop a banana skin to hamper your opponents chances of winning.”


Meanwhile, another option, according to Third year medic, Ross is trampolining. He told the Tab: “I think it’s safe to say we had as much fun celebrating my 21st as the kids celebrating their 10th birthday did, and with it being during the day, it meant there was still the night free for a more standard birthday night out too!”

Lazer Quest

A little closer to Selly is Stirchley Lazer Quest, which has received good reviews from fifth-year student Preena.  She told the Tab: “Lazer quest in Stirchley is good and they do a discount for students.”


Preena also recommends Ten-Pin Bowling. “Bowling [also in Stirchley] is a good one too”. If you’re feeling quite competitive, this may be the best way to express that side of you.

Slumber party

If your idea of a good night is more chilled than bouncing or go-carting, a relaxing alternative is a pamper night at home with face-masks, candles and a take-away. This is a great way to feel gorgeous while you gorge on your favourite food.

Champagne Bar

You could also go for the more classy option if Mummy and Daddy are in town.  Psychology student Freya said: “I spent the day with my mum, and went to the Hyatt regency for afternoon tea, then to a champagne bar. Later, I saw my family for cake and presents!”

Personal shopping

Ultimately, birthdays are all about you. Maybe a little guacamole on your face at a slumber party, or even a champagne bar just won’t cut it. A whole new wardrobe, though? That’s more like it for American Studies student, Juliette, who intends to celebrate another year by buying herself some presents.

She told The Tab: “I’ve just booked in for a free personal shopping Topshop session at the new Birmingham store. There’s no minimum spend and it’s a really fun way to go shopping for both genders. It feels really luxurious as there’s special changing rooms and a beautiful waiting area!”

Topshop have their own ‘Personal Shopper looks of the week’ album on fb

‘Dreamboys’ show

Juliette also told The Tab her backup plan. She said: “I saw that there is the ‘Dreamboys’ show on Saturday nights. I was very tempted to book but it cost a bit too much for quite a few people to go!”.

If you want to spend you birthday checking out some good looking chaps this is the best Brum has to offer. After doing this for a hen do, Ciara, a third year English student, confirmed “It was great!”.


No matter how you choose to spend your birthday, the only thing that is certain is that no birthday is complete until you have cake.