City centre club licence suspended following unreported shooting

It was caught on CCTV

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Beorma nightclub in Birmingham city centre had its licence revoked last week after failing to report a shooting outside the venue to police.

The club, which opened on Fleet Street in January 2016 now faces a full licence review after failing to report the shooting, which occurred on March 13th.

Police stated that the incident was not formally reported to them, and was only brought to their attention after a tip off one day later.


The club boasts to provide a “Miami nightclub experience”

The 220 capacity venue had its licence suspended on March 21st, and now faces a full licence review in front of councillors this week, similar to Gatecrasher’s licence review last December that ended in the closure of the club.

Superintendent Andy Beard, who applied for the review on behalf of police, said: “On March 14 information was received that a firearm had been discharged in the early hours of March 13th outside Beorma.

“Following subsequent enquiries from viewing CCTV, this was confirmed, and a firearm is seen to have been discharged at 3.48am directly opposite the entrance to Beorma.

“Evidence suggests that the group involved in the disorder, including the male who discharged the firearm, had left Beorma minutes beforehand.

“The firearm was discharged in direct view of security personnel from Beorma. However, the premises did not report this to West Midlands Police.”

Supt Beard raised other concerns regarding the club’s security policy, as he added that customers were “constantly leaving and re-entering” the venue without being searched. There have also been several complaints about excessive noise and disruption caused by patrons of the venue in the short time that the club has been open.

Ladywood ward councillor Carl Rice added: “The March 13 incident has added a genuine fear and public safety concern for residents in the mix of nuisance and noise.”