Gatecrasher closed for good after licence is revoked


Broad Street’s Gatecrasher has officially closed its doors for the last time.

Today, the club had its licence revoked by the Birmingham City Council earlier today following the stabbing of a customer by a member of staff.

Gatecrasher has seen a string of violent behaviour over the past year, with the police threatening that it was “last chance saloon” for the club in September.

Birmingham City Council decided it was the final straw for the venue when accusations that a bouncer stabbed by a rowdy customer in the leg with a homemade weapon.


Gatecrasher had its licence revoked on Wednesday

Members of Birmingham City Council said they had “no faith in the alternative proposals made” by the club, and therefore they decided it needs to be closed down.

Students have mixed feelings about the closing of the venue, which was well attended by Birmingham students, especially during Fresher’s Week.

English with Creative Writing student Lily Whiting told The Tab: “Gatecrasher was fun for a laugh, but it was always overpriced for drinks and entry. It was ALWAYS overcrowded.”

Joe Coleman, a previous employee of Gatecrasher, added: “Good riddance, they were a horrible company to work for”.

And student Meg Ward said: “I had a laugh there the first few times, but it just got worse and worse”.