Clubbers of the week

Good hustle guys

clubbers hate love no selly selly oak the tab birmingham the tab brum yes

It’s back! Somehow you’ve managed to juggle sleep, lectures, and deadlines with going out and getting battered with your mates. Congratulations.

Tallest clubber

How did this happen?

Squad of the week 

So photogenic x x x

Biggest BNOC 

Bigger than Feng?

Unexplained photo of the week 

Who is this man and why is he dressed as a block of cheese?

Facial expression of the week 


Club romance of the week 

Wonder if he’s ghosting her now…

Happiest clubber


Most awkward third-wheel 

He’s either really uncomfortable, or really enjoying it

Tensest clubbers

“I definitely told you I was gonna wear this”

Pout of the week

Give us a kiss