Birmingham ranked in the top 10 cities for happiness and safety

We knew it was amazing here

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According to a recent survey conducted by financial company, Provident, Birmingham is ranked in the top 10 UK cities for happiness, safety and trust.

Revealed on their online map, 30 cities around the UK are ranked on qualities such as how polite, trustworthy and happy the people are and how safe and well looked after they believe the area is.

While Birmingham didn’t do so well on how welcoming its residents are, ranked at just 18th out of 30, we excelled in other areas.

The happy place

The locals in Selly Oak haven’t been known to stop and have a chat, but then again, who would welcome students who are often wasted, dressed as chavs and singing their way to sports night?

And while Birmingham isn’t very accepting of outsiders, emphasised by how (not very) polite people are with a ranking of 17th, Brummies are pretty darn happy with the life-style in Birmingham as we were ranked in ninth position for happiness.

But the most surprising statistic is how safe people feel – Birmingham smashed it with ranking at number eight, beating Oxford in ninth and Cambridge in 18th.

Even Chelmsford was beaten, ranked at 14th, when Birmingham has ten times the population.

All in all, Birmingham residents like to stick to themselves (no outsiders allowed), feel pretty happy about everything and like to think they feel safe while they’re doing it.

As a result they’re a pretty trustworthy bunch, ranked at 10th, so as one of the “outsiders” it’s easy enough to blend in and love Birmingham just as much as the locals.