Can you get away with wearing leggings everyday?

Done right, yes you can

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Before we go any further it is important to point out the many dangers of a sometimes deceptively trusty legging. Let’s first establish that certain leggings are terribly see-through – yeah, we all see those panties with the unicorns on. Similarities can also be drawn between leggings and Mary Poppins’ handbag; I mean you can squeeze back into those size eights and pretend a 14 wouldn’t fit better with ease. And we all know that the worst legging faux pas of all is those limitless camel-toe opportunities.

Now we’ve got the precautions out of the way, the good news is, if you find some thick, warm and black leggings, they’ll save your life. Probably not literally, but never before have you invested in such a versatile and comfy item. Am I selling it? On my quest to find as many uses for the legging as possible, I let myself run wild in Topshop.

Starting the day in my own attire, I was clad in my favourite lazy-day combination; an oversized jumper and coat, coupled with black leggings. The tight material on your leg balances out the tent effect of the upper body when in baggy clothes. Just about perfect for snuggling up in the winter without looking like a bag lady.

The ‘active wear’ legging

You see people wearing these a lot because they’re so goddamn comfy. Put with jumpers, put with t-shirts, whatever. The best part is you don’t have to be remotely active to look like an athletic gym-enthusiast, or even just tell yourself so.

Wear them as tights

There are times that the 40 denier tights just don’t cut it with certain dresses, especially of longer length, without looking like you’re modelling for the 50+. For example, this Legally Blonde, come Clueless combination is updated with the block colour on the leg. Take this Legally Blonde come Clueless combination, not only are you warmer for wearing the lycra leg, but it updates the tartan.

The leather legging

A legging is so versatile it can even make an appearance out on the town. This leather alternative is saucier than most and when they’re this comfy it’s a win-win. The leather textile also mixes up the go-to top and jeans ensemble that is so often resorted to for Snobs or Stuesdays.

The sophisticated legging

Smart zippers and trouser details felt alien to the average. Paired with a grown-up jumper, I felt these bottoms definitely offered a smarter (and firmer) alternative for days that slumming it just won’t do- even if they felt like my wetsuit.

The high waisted and crop-top

Find a high waisted pair to pull in your stomach and pair with a cropped jumper for a quick cosy outfit. Be careful in choosing lycra friends that are a) substantial enough to prevent embarrassing pantie lines and b) big enough that they aren’t too tight (i.e. revealing in places they shouldn’t be). While walking around campus or the city, I would revert back to pairing with a coat for purely self-conscious reasons, but that doesn’t mean a more confident gal must also do so.

In the words of Plato, leggings have a bad rep but we love them anyway. There’s no mystery to why we wear these stretchy, comfortable, dress-size deceiving items, and no competition either. Donned in many a walk of life, they could be worn every day if that’s what you so desired in these cold wintery times; don’t dismiss it until you too have experienced the liberating slouch.