What your go-to library outfit says about you

Because even the library is a runway

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Library season is fast approaching: the time of year when we have to buckle down – only letting our wild sides show on Saturday nights at Fab – and spend the rest of the week in the library. Whether you sit in a cubicle, a shared table, or in the iLounge, everyone has their routine; from their favourite energising snack to their go-to study outift. But little did you know just how much can be revealed from the clothes you choose to wear whilst being a top notch student.

Leggings are life

Probably the most popular library outfit, leggings and a jumper are a fail-safe way of feeling comfy but still looking like it’s okay to be out in public. You’re presentable but ready to put in long hours at a desk. If you go for this look, then you’re probably heading onto campus feeling pretty focused, ready to get some serious work under your belt. I bet you’ve even got a study plan.

“I’m a slob and I don’t care” 

If the library really is your idea of hell on earth, you’ll probably go for this look.  You’ve ascended to peak comfort and donned joggers, uggs, and a hoodie because your work load is making you feel like giving up. Whether you’re a fourth year who just can’t cope, or you haven’t touched your notes for tomorrow’s exam, this look screams desperation. But that’s totally okay; we’re all students, we’ve all been there, and if you’re in it for the long haul, you may as well get comfy.

Jeans really aren’t comfy 

Many a girl will insist that jeans are super comfy, but the reality is that they just aren’t. If you’re turning up to library in your favourite skinnies, hoping to make it through till the 23.45 bell, then I’ve got bad news for you. You’re probably a fresher, so you don’t yet realise that several hours into a good library sesh you will no longer be sitting like a normal human. Sitting on your feet, one leg up on the desk, hunched over your laptop with a wild look in your eye – more than four hours in the library and even the sanest human being will have been reduced to an animal. And animals don’t wear jeans. Because jeans aren’t comfortable.

Look at me, I’m so fancy

I have to say, I admire the girls who strut around the library in high-waisted jeans and crop tops, with a structured jacket or a chic turtleneck. You’re the girl that everyone wants to be. Until you sit down at a desk, that is, and the wild library heating suddenly attacks. You go from nice and cosy in your chic ensemble to feeling like you’ve been thrust into the fires of Mount Doom in seconds, which only leaves you with another excuse to get out of the library as fast as you can on your River Island stacked heels. You’d probably rather be at Mechu anyway.

The secret pyjamas

This is a girl who knows what she’s doing. A girl who lives the best of both worlds. She wants to look good – you never know when you’ll turn a corner and walk straight into your library heartthrob – but she wants to be comfy. She gets good grades, but she probably also likes to party, so chances are she’s here till the early hours of the morning. She’s wearing her pyjamas – but she’s the only one who knows that.

Throw on your comfiest outfit – soft (and probably see-through) black leggings, a super comfy bralet, and a slobby black tee, and you feel like you’re wearing a cloud. But by adding only three things – a cool and on-trend coat, a sleek but comfy pair of leather ankle boots, and a chic scarf – you instantly look like you’d fit in at the races. You look and feel good, but as soon as you get to the library you can tear off your disguise and become the slob you are at heart – because who wouldn’t rather be in bed?