Vote: Selly’s cutest hamster ROUND TWO

Yes, there’s more

Yesterday we asked you to vote for Selly’s best hamster. But we were so inundated with more nominations that we had to run a second round. Have a look at this adorable second lot of pets and the winner of the vote will have a chance to be crowned Selly’s Cutest Hamster 2016.



Elizabeth Coad, fourth year Business Management student and owner of Corker, said the hamster “loves cheerios, ballin’ around in his ball, and is a player with all the girls in our house on Tiverton Road.

“His main talent is being able to smile for the camera. He is by far the fluffiest, cutest ham in Selly!”



flo hamster

Ciara McBrien, owner of Flo, says her ham “enjoys the finer things in life, like having porridge in the morning and being toilet trained. Flo is sassy and enjoys the great escape. She chewed out of her last cage, but luckily a new cage was kindly donated to her by a fellow member of the Fab n Fresh group.

“She is definitely the Queen of Tiverton road and is looking for an eligible bachelor.” Form a queue fellas.

flo star


hamster pocket

Beth Barsby’s hamster Buster has had an amazing life, and a great sotry behind him. Beth said: “We found him when driving down a busy road and saw something in the middle of the road, so stopped traffic and jumped out and grabbed him, he was so scared but we took him to the vets who said he was absolutely fine, so we kept him and named him Buster!

“He’s also been on lots of adventures such as when some of our friends decided they wanted to steal him and took him to kebab land.” How cruel.

hamster syrup


Sadly, Jack Malby’s hamster Anthrax recently died, but we put him in this competition as a posthumous entrant. Jack said of his hamster: “We were given him/her by a Selly Oak local at the start of second year because the kid they had kept dropping it. We were offered it on hubert road and decided to adopt it.

“But during summer last year it died. It was a devastating loss for both myself and the adopted mother, Rachel Jewkes.

We held a funeral in the back garden where 9 people came and we had a cake made to commemorate his life.”

rip anthrax


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.04.32

Selly resident Jennie Barton was short and sweet when it came to describing her hammie Alife: “His name is Alfie and I got him because my housemate has a really cute hamster and I miss my pets at home and he is really clumsy and exceptionally fluffy.” We can’t dispute that.

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