How to get over missing your dog at uni

Skyping them is an option

Worse thing about uni? Not the crippling debt, the un-stocked fridge or the mould growing everywhere…. it’s leaving your dog behind.

As week 3 rolls around, the realisation that you miss your pet more than your family hits and all you can think about is when you’re next going to be reunited.

If you can’t wait till reading week and your need to cuddle something furry gets too great, The Tab have come up with five alternatives to your BFFL.



Probably one of the more obvious choices: skyping your pet. Get one of your parents to hold the camera on your dog whilst you speak in the highest pitched voice you can possibly conjure. Your dog will probably look completely bemused and start licking their balls half way through, but still, worth a try right?

Verdict: if you aren’t with Virgin Media this may actually work. Ffs Virgin Media.

thanks mum x

Befriend a local 

Another solid option; befriend a local that has a dog. Yes, you may have to fake your friendship for a while but it’s all worth it for unlimited access to their pet.

Verdict: Sadly, the Drinks 2 Go man had no dog that we could play with – at least he’ll give you a free lolly to console you.

no, I’m here to see you not your dog……..

Volunteer with other animals

Another way to fill the dog shaped hole in your heart is to volunteer with other animals. With so many rescues in Birmingham, you are practically spoilt for choice.

Verdict:  The Tab caught up with Third Year Law student, Megan Baker, who volunteers at Happyhogs Hedgehog Rescue in Solihill.

“I’d say it helps with missing your pets cause I think when you’re used to having animals around you all your life to then go to uni, it’s just nice to have an excuse to be around them. Plus it’s something different too.”

Splurge that student loan

Spend your loan on a puppy for you and your housemates – preferably a pug or shitzu. Is there any better way to cure your post Fab hangovers/dissertation stress than cuddling a tiny dog? We don’t think so.

Verdict: DO IT

Marley doesn’t want to go to your 9am either

Buy a pet tarantula: 

Cuddly and  cute – why not buy yourself a pet tarantula? Bring your new friend to lectures with you and become the new campus BNOC…

Actually, no – it’s just too gross (nothing should have eight legs).

Verdict: (DON’T DO IT)

If all else fails and your pet blues are still too much, just have a look at these adorable photos instead: