The University has launched its own record label

Being here just got a whole lot cooler

Who loves music? Okay good, then we’ve got some exciting news for you.

The University of Birmingham is funding the launch of a student run record label, New Street Records.

The label will be directed and managed by Laura Hand and and Anna Blessing, two final year Business Students, as well as supported by a team of over 70 passionate and entrepreneurial student volunteers.

It will provide a local platform for aspiring musicians to get involved in as well as invaluable industry experience.

The label is funded by Circles of Influence, an initiative supported by the University of Birmingham’s alumni, and is a collaborative effort with Birmingham City University, which will be assisting with the production and promotion of the artists’ music.

The Team

The Team

Director Laura Hand said: “The venture should inspire creativity and business success in young people and women.

“We are confident the venture will be a success and have plenty of exciting initiatives planned that we cannot wait to announce.”

The first event will be at The Bristol Pear on February 26.

Co-director Anna Blesing said: “We are excited to launch the label and have a team of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who will no doubt make the venture a long term success.

“Nobody is currently doing what we are now, so we are certainly filling a gap in the market.”