Is Selly Oak the home of shame or style?

Did you get a poke in Selly Oak?

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Each morning, the Selly Oak shuffle occurs as both boys and girls make the walk of shame – or stride of pride – home.

You might have innocently nipped out for some early morning snacks, or you might be on your way home from the night before. Either way you’re lying if you say you’ve always been dressed appropriately for this time of day. Everyone’s got those gym clothes they pull out at least four days a week. Do you know what the inside of Munrow looks like? No, me neither.

Psychology student Emily clearly had a late one when we bumped into her. Hanging around Roosters in the daylight is a definite give away. She was wearing the ideal outfit with her leggings on: comfortable, stylish and adaptable. Thank god trainers are acceptable for a night out.

With a look of relief Emily said: “I pity the girls in heels. Hypothermia seems very real right now.”

Trainers are a must

Looking rather sorry for herself, Jess was caught red handed in her most flattering pyjamas. She was locked outside, but gets a gold star for co-ordination.

She said: “I only went out to get a chocolate bar.”

Definitely doesn’t give it away…

Flying along the Bristol Road we caught a rather long faced fairy. Apparently she wasn’t informed the party was no longer fancy dress, so she was fluttering back home to change in to something a little less magical.

There’s no shame in trying to liven up the party.

You mean these wings aren’t fashionable?

Unfortunately the sparkle for these girls wasn’t shining so brightly. From a more colourful night out in Birmingham, these girls certainly brightened up McDonald’s.

Although that didn’t seem to matter as the first year students said: “If it came to it, I’d come in bollock naked just for some chicken nuggets.”


There is no shame in having a good night out. Share your pictures and stories in the comments below.