Living with your course mates is the best decision you’ll make

You can still have other friends

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Sharing missed lecture notes, motivating each other and becoming so close their weird behaviour no longer phases you in the slightest. What’s not to love about living with the people in your lectures?

When you tell people you live with your course mates, a lot of them automatically assume you’re a boring sod who has no other friends.

This is most definitely not the case.

Yes, you do spend a lot of time with your course mates if you choose to live with them. But you only have no other friends if you are one of those people who spends all their time sitting in your room alone, watching endless episodes of mindless TV on Netflix.

It’s always a bonus when you get in from a stressful day at uni and your housemates are willing to listen to you moan about that horrible lecturer, or your unbearable workload for hours on end.

Of course, there is always the danger of moving in with that one course mate who always seems to have their life together. And it’s not ideal when your housemate has finished all the reading and is now doing an ab work out, while you are cradling a packet of biscuits and struggling to write the title of your essay.

But even though the house feels like the library when deadlines are approaching, your course mates are always on hand to make sure you write that assignment. And write it well.

They might even throw some nerdy degree-related jokes into the mix to make the never-ending workload easier to cope with.

Actual evidence of the struggle…

Most importantly, they’ll drag you to that very important 9am seminar post your extremely heavy night out. No man is left alone in the struggle to make a lecture. Even when you’ve woken up to a road sign in your room and everything about you smells of alcoholic beverages, they won’t leave your side.

You’ll become so close that pretty much nothing any of you do phases the other. But the single best thing about living with course mates is they are always ready to accompany you for a stress-relieving pint (or 10…).

So think twice before ruling out your course mates as potential housemates, you never know what the year will bring.