How low can you blow: Guild squares to breathalyse you on the door

Students will be breathalysed at every Fab N Fresh and Sports Night

Guild stiffs will breathalyse you on the door of Birmingham’s biggest student nights before letting you in.

The Guild of Students have announced today that joyless door staff will make you pass a breath test before Fab N Fresh and Sports Night.

For eight weeks from October 18, students will have to pass the test before they’re let in, meaning the future of predrinks is at stake.

Anyone registering a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over a certain level will be refused entry.

Local pubs The Soak, the Goose, Urban Village and The Bristol Pear will also breathalyse you before entry.

Fab just won’t be the same

Coming to a Fab near you

Led by West Midlands Police, the initiative aims to reduce levels of alcohol related violent crime and “help students drink responsibly.”

The measure, which has already been trialled on Broad Street and in Norfolk, reduced alcohol related violent crime by 32 per cent and led to a 66 per cent reduction in drunk and disorderly calls to the police.

For the first three weeks, staff in the Guild will offer you the test to measure how pissed you are.

For the remaining five weeks of the trial, students will then be selected at random to have their blood alcohol measurements taken.

The information collected will be used to develop benchmarks for acceptable alcohol consumption relating to age and gender.

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After the trial period is over, anyone registering over the blood alcohol consumption limit of acceptability will be refused entry.

James, a third year Historian, said: “The Guild’s decision is ridiculous. I have been going to Fab since first year, I don’t need to monitored to ensure I’m fit for entry.

“I’m an adult and a University student – this is, to put it lightly, both patronising and controlling, and the basic premise of reducing crime is absurd.

“I’d love the Guild to tell me how much crime occurs in Fab- none would be the answer.

“The crime committed in the Selly Oak area isn’t committed by students, it’s locals and shady characters who are deliberately targeting students.

“There’s no logic to the Guild’s new policy, and I for one am pretty appalled.”

Vice President for Welfare Frankie Green said: “Breathalysers to be trialled at local venues, including the Guild as of October 18 2014 and lasting for eight weeks.

“Breathalysers are to be trialled at local venues in the Selly Oak area, including the Guild of Students.

“Led by West Midlands Police, the initiative is designed to reduce alcohol related violent crime and offer individuals the opportunity to check levels of intoxication on entry at Guild night time events, should they wish to do so.

“The aim is to raise awareness of what amount of alcohol leads to what level of intoxication, to help students drink responsibly.

“For the first three weeks out of a total of eight, the Guild will have security staff placed inside the entrance to night time events, such as Fab N Fresh, offering the chance to take a breathalyser test.

“After the initial three week period, the breathalysers will be moved for use by door staff managing queues, who will select people at random (one in every 100) to take a test.

“Following this, information gathered will be collated and a level of intoxication determined which the Guild believes students should avoid reaching.

“This will allow the Guild to review its venues policy in relation to other similar establishments.

“We will be tracking the levels of intoxication reached by a majority of individuals and their associated age and gender in order to create relevant benchmarks for alcohol consumption for certain profiles.”

One student showing her utter devastation