VIDEO: Demonstrators take over the Clocktower

Protestors have taken over campus in demonstration and broken into Old Joe

UPDATE: Police confirm 14 arrests after yesterday’s demonstration on campus.  


Angry demonstrators from across the country broke into the clocktower in protest against the privatisation of student loans and unfair pay cuts.


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Chanting, “No ifs, no buts, No education cuts” the protestors linked arms underneath Old Joe, before they broke the doors down and climbed to the top.


Despite a high level of security on campus, demonstrators also managed to hang a banner on top of the Aston Webb building that says ‘Management Out’ and sprayed graffiti on Old Joe. 



One bystander taking shelter in Costa said: “They’re mad to be out in that weather.”

Another told The Tab: “Fair play to them risking standing under Joe when he strikes, got bigger balls than me. Then I guess that’s why they’re protesting.”


Later on, protestors say they were kettled in the Great Hall for four hours.

The Tab got stuck inside the Great Hall along with other protestors where we spoke to a one of them, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous:

“It’s a campaign that’s only getting bigger. More sixth form students are getting politically active now, due to cuts in EMA amongst other things; this is just part of a broader struggle.”


When asked what the purpose of occupying a room was, they said : “It’s about having a space that’s yours, to plan and make banners. Any other places you can be told to leave, you book it for an hour and when your time is up then you have to go.

“But a room that you’re occupying is yours. It’s also a great place to learn more about effective protest from more experienced protestors.”

In a statement Defend Education warn “strikes and student occupations are expected to intensify in coming weeks. The national meeting that preceded today’s demonstration also called for co-ordinated direct action from 6th February.”

A police statement said: “this may well have been billed as a peaceful protest but it escalated into a serious public order incident – a criminal investigation has been launched and anyone found to have acted unlawfully will be punished.”

Police deny the accusation of kettling: “We strongly refute any suggestions of containing or ‘kettling’ a lawful protest. Police were called to the site by the university as a result of demonstrators breaking into buildings, damaging property and assaulting staff.

“The suspects were detained by police and required to give their details ahead of the pending criminal investigation – any that refused were arrested.”

Watch the shocking footage here:

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